disappointment in love

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disappointment in love

If eternal love exists, then most likely not the first time you will be lucky enough to meet that very ideal person for you. After all, in order to appreciate your chosen one, life partner, you need to understand what exactly you need for complete happiness. What kind of person do you want to see next to you? What should it be? Naturally, the answers to these questions can only be found by trial and error. No one will tell you who you will be more comfortable with until you yourself understand this. No other way.

But, nevertheless, every time, be it the first or any subsequent one, it seems to you that he is exactly the one, the one and only. It’s the one you need! And when, after some time, you realize that you don’t… it’s not the same again. And it doesn’t matter why it didn’t work out: maybe he doesn’t correspond to your ideas, maybe he doesn’t behave the way you would like, or maybe he couldn’t appreciate you. The reasons can be different and, most importantly, everyone has their own. But, nevertheless, the result is similar in almost every single case: parting is a small death, a small death of a part of our soul.

How to survive disappointment in love?

We all understand that most human relationships lead to separation and depression. Let’s try to prevent the inevitable consequences, or at least reduce their impact on our lives.

  1. Think about the fact that someone is really worse off than you right now. Indeed, how many tragedies people have in life and disappointment in a man, in a guy, in a loved one is not at all a reason to cut your veins, throw yourself off a bridge, etc.
  2. Do something constantly. The best cure for disappointment in your loved one is work. Take action and distract yourself in such a way that bad thoughts do not enter your head.
  3. Release the person. Do not keep in your thoughts that person with whom you, for whatever reason, can no longer be together. Don’t blame, try not to get bored — don’t think about him at all. This is a passed stage.

And remember, «everything that is not done is done for the better.» Live your life full of colors and optimism, then love will certainly come to you. And who knows, maybe this love will become the love of your life.


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