Domestic violence against a woman

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violence in family

No loving woman is immune from the fact that the hand of someone who, it would seem, just yesterday, was the personification of an angelic deity, will rise on her. Domestic violence against women is unacceptable. And every self-respecting person needs to know what to do and who to contact in such cases.

Physical abuse in the family

The problem of domestic violence is relevant today. Every sane person realizes that the word «home» should only evoke warm memories, pleasant sensations, and not raise a storm of negative emotions filled with suffering.

According to statistics, domestic violence occurs in every fifth family. Many members of such unfortunate families do not consider it necessary to tell anyone about this. Worse, loving spouses are afraid of a second wave of male anger and every time they inspire themselves that “Beats means loves.”

Psychology of domestic violence

Often, those who are trying to prove their case or assert themselves at any cost raise their hands against loved ones. Basically, this person suffers from complexes. He seems to be offended by the whole world. It is possible that such a person with a miserable inner world does not have enough strength to cope with the influx of emotions.

A family tyrant can use sexual violence in his family, which leads not only to physical problems of the victim, but also to psychological trauma.

Domestic violence — where to go?

If you have been abused. Take courage and change your life for the better by contacting the following authorities:

  1. International Center for Women’s Rights. You can find the phone number on the Internet depending on the country of your residence.
  2. Department of Family, Youth and Sports.
  3. Center for social services for families, children and youth.

Domestic Violence Prevention

It will not be superfluous to remember that conflicts arise due to misunderstandings or alcohol abuse. domestic violence where to go Therefore, in order to prevent domestic violence, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Avoid shouting, talking in raised tones.
  2. Be wiser and at the moment of heat of passion know how to get out of the discussion.
  3. Knowing the character traits of a loved one, decide on the time when he will be in his right mind and will be able to explain to you the reason for his discontent.

Respect and love yourself, never let anyone treat you like a slave.


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