domestic violence

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domestic violence

Domestic violence is most often experienced by women and children. Due to their physical weakness, these people have to endure beatings and humiliation. However, it is worth noting that a person always has a choice — to endure or fight.

The causes of domestic violence lie in the unhealthy psyche of those who allow themselves to treat their family members in this way. An adequate and self-respecting person will never allow himself to inflict pain and injury on those whom he loves and is loved by.

Much also depends on the temperament of a man, his nationality, examples from the personal life of his parents.

Domestic violence against women and children

A tyrant and despot in the person of a husband or father is a real tragedy for a family. After all, women and children who need help suffer, and sometimes there is nowhere to wait for the latter.

Why can a man fall so low? Either initially he had mental disorders that did not manifest themselves until a certain point, or these deviations were acquired over time. Under certain circumstances, a man simply «moved out of the coils»: loss of work and social status, huge financial debts, any form of addiction — alcohol, drugs, gambling. To believe that a woman herself provokes a scandal and beatings is stupid and reckless. Unless she suffers from a pronounced form of masochism.

The proverb “Beats means he loves” is also more like the ravings of a madman. What kind of love can there be when the whole face and body is bruised and bruised? No, thank you… Such “love” is life-threatening.

In relation to children, this is simply an unthinkable atrocity. Beating children, humiliating them, taking revenge on a woman in this way — such actions should be punished, if not by execution, then for life, that’s for sure.

Protecting women from domestic violence must first and foremost come from themselves. Sounds a little weird, but let’s figure it out. Relatives can not always help, it is clear that they have their own problems. You can count on «guardians of the order» only if your spouse is not an «important person» and does not have a fat wallet. Otherwise, he can simply buy his innocence.

How to protect yourself from domestic violence?

The answer is obvious: run headlong. File for divorce, take your kids and walk away from such a man. Fight to win. Pass medical examinations, apply to various organizations for the protection of rights, write statements against your husband to the police. Don’t be under the illusion that he will change. If he resorts to systematic violence against you, then he will not stop. This is not the case when a person can be corrected, re-educated.

Do not give up. If you do this, then at one “perfect” moment you will simply lose your life. Find the strength to fight. Think about children — you are a mother and you have a duty to protect them. The most important thing is that you will definitely succeed. Perhaps physical training of the body is necessary in order to somehow be able to fend for itself. But a lot of work needs to be done with your head — you Domestic violence against childrenmust get rid of the victim complex. Otherwise, do not complain about fate and continue to live your life, enduring resentment and pain. Just know that this is not a manifestation of heroism at all.

Victims of domestic violence should not put up with it. You always have the opportunity to seek help from relatives, friends, neighbors. People around, although not always, are able to show sympathy and provide at least some help. Do not be silent about your problem, it must be solved immediately. Take care of yourself and don’t be afraid. It is fear that makes us disabled, because we become limited in our abilities — how scary, after all.


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