Feelings of love

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feelings of love

Many cannot understand themselves and are looking for a description of the feeling of love. We bring to your attention several options that will show you how to distinguish true love from affection, falling in love and other similar feelings that can connect two people.

How are feelings of love manifested?

The main difference between love and all other feelings is the complete absence of selfishness in relation to the object of love. In other words, the happiness of a loved one will be more important to a person than the opportunity to be with him if it suddenly turns out that the feelings are not mutual.

When a person is in love, he is demanding — he needs time, the attention of a loved one. The lover is self-sufficient — he only wants to do something good for the most important person in his life, to bring him joy. The wish for happiness takes an altruistic form, as in the song: “I wish you happiness, if not with me, then with another …”

Strong feelings of love

If we consider love as the highest human feeling, then it is worth noting that it is impossible to consider love as a feeling in which the acceptance of another person does not extend to all levels. In the case of true love, it will manifest itself in the form of a pull with all the senses and organs of perception:

  • vision — a loved one is pleasing in appearance, seems to be the best, even if he is not handsome by generally accepted standards;
  • hearing — the voice of a loved one is always incredibly pleasant;
  • sense of smell — the smell of the body of a loved one is pleasant;
  • touch — constantly pulls to touch him, stroke, etc .;
  • taste — kissing a loved one will always be the best thing in the world, even if it is not perfect in terms of technology.

Only if there is complete attraction, complete acceptance of character along with shortcomings (and not just the positive side, as in falling in love), can the feeling be considered love. As a rule, it is formed in a few years, and at the beginning, when everyone swears to each other in love, we are talking about falling in love.

Feeling first love

description of the feeling of love

An interesting study was once conducted, which proved that a teenager under the influence of a feeling of love in his mindset is incredibly similar to a person who has mental disorders. Such a person really becomes wonderful, he is only interested in his own personal life, he is sure that no one has loved like that, and no one has suffered like that, and moreover, that there will be no other such feeling besides this feeling.

However, later, when time passes, it often turns out that it was nothing more than falling in love — although, of course, everyone remembers it all their lives.


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