female attractiveness

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female attractiveness

Is it possible to give certain parameters of female attractiveness, focusing only on appearance? After all, everyone has different tastes and preferences. And why then can men bypass a well-groomed beauty and reach for a completely ordinary, but charming girl?

Today we will tell you about what is female attractiveness in the eyes of a man.

Of course, the first impression is formed literally in 4 minutes and is mainly based on appearance: grooming, neatness, sense of style and healthy appearance. But there are no less important factors that affect both the first impression and the further perception of a woman. Here we will talk about them.

Secrets of female attractiveness


There is nothing strange in this. Self-confident women have a straight posture, a beautiful gait, a high head and free gestures. Have you noticed how stiffness of movements spoils beautiful girls? Having a pleasant appearance, they create a hunted impression.

In addition, men can not stand complaints about cellulite, lack of breasts or the presence of extra pounds. A confident woman will never flaunt her flaws, even if she has them.


Female attractiveness from the point of view of psychology is, first of all, an internal state.

Light sadness and a timid look are a willing bait for many men. But to live with a woman who is constantly in a depressed state is flour. Men appreciate lightness and warmth, a positive attitude and good disposition. With such a woman, there are more chances to build a harmonious family.

And besides, who wants to go to a house where the atmosphere is heavy?


A woman who can surprise always leaves an indelible mark on the male subconscious. Often we remember not the person himself, but the emotions that he evoked. A predictable woman is boring.


A deep, chesty voice is more attractive to men. He seems calmer and sexier, while tall is often associated with hysteria and nervousness.

How to increase female attractiveness?

Increasing female attractiveness is, first of all, your work on yourself. No stylist will give you permanent confidence, no hairdresser will give you inner harmony. To gain confidence, you must learn to accept and love yourself and your body. The more you focus on your own shortcomings, the more you feed them, the more noticeable you make them to others. Learn to appreciate and emphasize your strengths. Write them down in your notebook, review and complete.

Work on your posture: make it a rule to walk for 15-20 minutes every day with a book on your head. Over time, you will get used to keeping your back straight and your head held high.

Naturally, it is impossible to always be in a good mood, but learning to control your state is quite real: affirmations and meditations will help you switch from negative thoughts to a lighter mood.

There is a practice called «Sun». Try to imagine a white, warm ball radiating light in your solar plexus area. how to increase attractivenessFeel it, let it fill you with its warmth and radiance. Imagine yourself emitting this light. At first, it may take you a long time to evoke the necessary sensations. But each time it will be easier for you to achieve the desired result. Over time, you will notice that people are drawn to you, that it is easy and pleasant for them in your company.

Work on your speech. Try to speak more slowly and softly. Try to use parasitic words as little as possible and do not use rude expressions, even if they are jokes.

Try to look into the eyes of the interlocutor. It has been observed that women who avoid eye contact seem less attractive to men.


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