Feminist or just a strong woman?

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Feminist or just a strong woman

Very often people use the so-called «labels», even though they don’t even know what they mean, this also applies to feminism. Many men call women who are too tough for them feminists, although this word is completely inappropriate here.

Who are feminists?

Having opened Wikipedia and read the definition of this word, everything falls into place. It clearly states that feminists are women who fight for equal rights with men. The slogan — «a man is a stronger sex», has long been out of date. This is in a primitive society, men were the breadwinners, and women equipped the family hearth, today everything is different. Women, who work in mines, at complex machines in factories, drive buses and dump trucks, in general, cope with any “male job”. Increasingly, there are women who are disappointed in men and therefore have become strong and even impenetrable.

A good example is the heroine of the popular movie «Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears» Katerina. A woman, due to life circumstances and the weakness of her beloved man, has become strong and independent. She reached the peak of her career, bought her own apartment, learned to drive a car and was completely disillusioned with men.

If we consider a modern woman, then it is almost impossible to find differences from this image. More and more girls are concerned about career and self-sufficiency, and not home comfort and life. That is why such a movement as feminism arose, that is, the social equality of men and women.

Wrong opinion

The main problem of modern society is ignorance and lack of education. The opinion that a feminist is an aggressive, masculine and man-hating woman is wrong.

  1. Aggression is inherent in almost every person, as it is a reaction to an irritant. This is not a manifestation of a male character, but most likely just a mental disorder. After all, today is the age when problems need to be solved not aggressively, but diplomatically. Therefore, to think that all aggressive women are feminists is stupid.
  2. A woman’s masculinity may depend on various factors, but not on feminism. The reason may be, for example, hormonal disorders, improper upbringing, psychological disorders and other stresses.
  3. The fact that feminists fight for gender equality does not mean that they hate men. Many such women are happy in relationships, love and are loved. Man-hatred is most often the problem of a particular woman who has experienced great stress in her life, which is associated with the opposite sex.

real injustice

There are opinions in society that can really offend many successful women. For example, if a man has achieved a lot in his career, has a car and an apartment, then everyone considers him successful and hardworking, and women with the same social status — Feminist or just a strong woman1careerist and feminist. And so in many matters, although this is really wrong, since, in fact, all people are equal, and dividing them by gender is stupid.

It is so accepted in the modern world that a woman has not been standing at the stove day and night for a long time, and does not knit socks for her husband. A modern woman strives to realize herself, find her comfortable place in society and, of course, find a worthy man with whom she can build strong family relationships. The main thing is that a man will be proud that a truly strong woman is next to him.

In fact, feminism is a mirror image of the modern world, technological progress and public opinion. But in order to understand this, you probably need to change something in yourself, so for many a feminist will remain an evil woman who hates men.


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