flirting rules

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flirting rules

flirt — this is one of the first steps in building relationships with the opposite sex. A lot depends on the ability to flirt — whether the relationship will continue or quickly come to naught. Surely, many have noticed that some of the fair sex is surrounded by a crowd of fans, while others are no less attractive and charming, the opposite sex simply does not notice. Psychologists say that the main problem of the latter is the inability to flirt. Flirting allows a woman to emphasize her dignity in communicating with an interlocutor and determine how he reacts to our “female things”. The rules of flirting do not have strict limits, they are only recommendations that help the fair sex to reveal their femininity and show charm. So, the rules of flirting:

  1. Take the first step. Gone are the days when showing interest in a man first was considered a sign of bad taste. Modern men are attracted to women who are not afraid to start a conversation first.
  2. Take risks. Among men, indecisive personalities are quite common. Perhaps the young man you like is also interested in you, but is embarrassed to approach. Courage and moderate looseness in a woman give her a special appeal.
  3. Watch your appearance. When you make the first move or go on a date, you need to make sure you look great. It is necessary to take into account all the little things — hairstyle, manicure, clothes, accessories and everything else. It is known that the first impression is formed for only a few minutes, so it is very important not to spoil it from the very beginning.
  4. Use perfume. The smell of a woman plays an important role in how a man perceives her. However, it’s not just about spirits. It is important that it be «yours» — fit, complement the appearance and style of communication.
  5. Be easy to communicate. You should not discuss philosophical treatises, politics and other topics that are difficult to understand on a first date. To give the impression of an interesting person, joke, be spontaneous, and keep up various distracting topics.
  6. Be active. If you see that your interlocutor is clamped, try to talk to him and interest him. There should be no long and awkward pauses in the conversation. If a man has something to say, then listen to him — in this case, you will give the impression of a smart woman.
  7. Look into the eyes. Eye contact gives your interlocutor the opportunity to verify your sincerity. But here it is important not to eat a man with your eyes — this is repulsive. Be mysterious.
  8. flirt

  9. Compliments. Men love compliments just as much as women. But to make a good impression on a partner, you need to be original. Banal phrases are more likely to scare away your interlocutor. When giving a compliment, be sincere and speak with feeling.
  10. Touch your partner. Light and casual touches contribute to the formation of a trusting and more intimate atmosphere between the interlocutors. Touch the man’s hand or shoulder casually, for example, agreeing with him.
  11. Show your coquetry. Coquetry is one of the foundations of female flirting. A mysterious look, an elegant outfit, emphasized dignity of the figure — all these female tricks work great on men. But in this matter it is important not to overdo it — an overly flirtatious woman is more likely to cause hostility among the stronger sex than sympathy.
  12. Smile. A smile evokes the disposition of the interlocutor in any case.


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