From love to hate…

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From love to hate

Why does it happen that today you love, and tomorrow you hate, and in an instant everything turns upside down? The power of love is enormous, but the same power is possessed by hatred. These strong feelings rule the world, they kill someone, and on the contrary, someone becomes stronger. Each person is individual and his emotions are unique.


Many people are interested in this question, how can you love and then hate? Imagine that you fell in love, this feeling permeates every cell of the body, you want to give a person everything, if you even need to give your life for him. The soul is so open and waiting for reciprocity, and suddenly you get a blow, feelings are betrayed and there is only one word in your head — I hate. In such situations, it is impossible to remain indifferent and most people, no matter how kind they are, will feel resentment, hatred or anger, or all at once. Love is a feeling with great power and energy, you give it to your partner, and when he leaves, the energy cannot leave with him and it turns into hatred. Every woman, in fact, is the owner and is ready for anything for her lover, but when he leaves, she simply does not care about his fate. Because of this, a woman can wish anything for the object of her love, because now he is not her “property” and she has every right to hate her.

Distance length

And how much time must pass, how many steps must be taken to see this transformation? Is it possible to hate a person for some one mistake, or should it be a whole chain of grievances. Maybe somewhere in the soul of each person there is a button that works at a certain time and then love turns into hate. A person tends to change his feelings depending on the situation, so love can turn into hate and vice versa.


What must happen for a loved one to turn into a stranger, for whom you feel nothing but hatred? People who have experienced this in life can give a specific answer to this question: changed, hit, left for another, and so on. But there are also cases when there is simply no answer, so I hate that and that’s it, but the reason is unknown. The only option — maybe hatred, like love, arises just like that, and at an indefinite moment.

Only man can hate

Many scientists have long wondered where the feeling of hatred comes from. Many experiments and observations were carried out, including for animals. As a result, it was found that there is no such feeling in the behavior of animals, they are not capable of destroying their own kind, which cannot be said about people. This state of affairs makes us seriously think about this issue, but the fact is that without hatred a person cannot live. For many, it is equated with cleansing, in order to forget a person, you need to let him through this feeling, throw out all the negativity and forget. Only in this way can you continue your life and love again


What if it’s the other way around?

Very often there are cases when everything happened quite the opposite, at first people hated each other, and after a while they passionately fell in love. What is the reason for this turn of events is not at all clear. It’s just the way it should be.
From love to hate1 These are two parallels that never intersect, two strong feelings that cannot exist with each other.

great strength

The feelings of people are capable of much, because of them people die, perform feats, love inspires and gives life. One person may love something and another may hate it and vice versa. Love gives wings, hate gives strength. A loving person is capable of much, and a hating person is even more capable. Feelings are so enticing that it is simply impossible to break out of their shackles, therefore love and hate fill our lives and it depends on us in many respects whether it will be all-forgiving love or destructive hatred.


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