How beautiful is revenge on an ex-boyfriend?

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how to get revenge on an ex boyfriend

Many girls after parting first experience disappointment and pain, and after a while there is a desire to avenge everything experienced. Such plans for revenge often completely occupy the head, and some of the castaways nevertheless proceed to active actions.

Today you can find a huge number of stories about how this or that girl took revenge on a guy for cheating, watching porn and other sins. Psychologists say that sophisticated fantasies should not become a reality, since it is better to act creatively.

How beautiful is revenge on an ex-boyfriend?

Before considering the most popular ideas among the female population, I would like to say that it is important to consider the presence of an aggressive reaction in a former lover, which can lead to serious problems, so do not overdo it.

How beautiful to take revenge on a guy:

  1. Many ladies decide to spoil their former lover’s favorite «toy», for example, by damaging his car. Just do not grab the bat, because it is enough to douse the hood with valerian or pour seeds to attract pigeons.
  2. You can go over his reputation. It is worth telling a couple of girlfriends about any unpleasant things related to a former lover, and then word of mouth will do its job.
  3. Many ladies decide to arouse jealousy and seduce close friends or mutual acquaintances. In this matter, you should be careful and not play with the feelings of another person, because someone can take revenge for this.
  4. If you want to deprive your ex-boyfriend of peace for a few days, then place various ads on advertising resources, indicating his phone number.
  5. The most effective and best option on how to beautifully take revenge on an ex-boyfriend is to make him regret that he lost you. Go for drastic changes, and this applies to both appearance and internal content. Become an ideal for him, and let him bite his elbows that he missed such a diamond.


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