How does a man choose his woman?

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how a man chooses his woman

Every man, however, like a woman, wants to have the most reliable, faithful and beloved person nearby, and therefore, choosing his woman, he conducts a thorough selection, which she may sometimes not be aware of. But how exactly a man chooses his woman is a question that requires detailed consideration.

What kind of women do men choose?

They choose the one who will take care of them. After all, deep down in every man lives a little boy, longing for maternal warmth and affection.

Passion is not yet an indicator of a long-term and even more serious relationship. His chosen one should be modest, one that you want to show to your best friends, and most importantly — to your parents.

If we consider the issue of choosing a man for his woman in terms of physical data, then scientific studies have proven that the opposite sex chooses a lady with magnificent sides as a wife. This, like the fullness of the lips, testifies to female fertility.

Men are attracted to femininity simply because it is one of the traits that only the fairer sex has. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and safe when they are close to their loved ones. So, his choice will fall on the one that radiates trust, the one with which you can be yourself.

Why do men choose younger women?

The older he is, the more he wants to see a young girl next to him, often 3-4 years younger than him. From the point of view of instincts, the male half of humanity always wants to feel able to attract a woman younger than him. Thus, a man, as if subconsciously, tries to avoid the thought of impending old age, loneliness and the lack of former beauty.

Why does a man choose a woman older?

Many are attracted by female wisdom, which, no matter how sad it sounds, comes only with age. In addition, in a couple where the spouse is older than her chosen one, conflicts are resolved more efficiently, faster. All this is explained by women’s experience.


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