How to apologize to a guy?

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How to apologize to a guy

Here you go! She did something again. And, what is the most offensive, because I didn’t want anything bad! I didn’t even mean to offend or offend him. And now you have to apologize.

In order to say with confidence how to apologize to a guy, you just need to decide what exactly you are to blame for. What exactly do you want to apologize for? How serious is your fault?

So what’s the best way to apologize to a guy? After all, the very fact that you asked for forgiveness is not our ultimate goal. We need him to forgive!

The way you apologize depends on the magnitude of your guilt. Sometimes, in order to apologize to a guy, it’s enough just to whisper at a meeting: “Sorry, I was wrong!”. Or say the same over the phone. In this case, it would not be bad if you called. But, it happens, and very touchy male representatives. This guy might not pick up the phone. How then can you apologize to a guy?

Text him. Yes, just SMS. But here apply all your resourcefulness and imagination. Of course, you can simply find a suitable poem or picture on the Internet and send it to the addressee. But it’s too banal. Where is the guarantee that he, when he was guilty last time, did not glance thoughtfully at the same site. Not the most original apology. And we are interested in exactly how to apologize to the guy in an original way. Turn on your fantasy and bombard his phone or email with messages. In poems or prose, tell how you feel and regret the misunderstanding that has occurred. You can add a few hints here to something only the two of you know. Then the guy, if of course he is not indifferent to you, and his resentment is not just a reason to end the relationship with you, he will definitely forgive and soon come running to you.

How to apologize to a guy for a serious offense?

However, sometimes such an apology alone is not enough. What do you do when you hurt someone you love? How, in this case, is it beautiful, and most importantly, right, to apologize to the guy? Try to do for him what he told you for a long time. For example, go to a match of his favorite team, or a concert of his adored band. In this case, of course, you cannot avoid explanations. Before you arrange a sortie to his liking, prepare a convincing, and, most importantly, truthful speech about why you had to do it. You can even rehearse it in front of a mirror. At least in order to know what expression your face takes on when you pronounce this or that phrase. How convincing does that look?

Another way to apologize to a guy is to arrange a romantic dinner for him. Ask him out on a date. Prepare his favorite dishes, light candles, create a background with some romantic melody, cool champagne or wine. In vain we, women, believe that romance is necessary only for us. Many representatives of the stronger sex are only trying to look rude (they believe that this adds courage to them), but in fact they will be delighted with the offer to spend such an evening, especially in the company of their girlfriend. How to apologize to a guyOf course, in such an environment, the guy can, and most likely will require an explanation. But one can hope that such an atmosphere will not set him up for a long showdown. What if it happens all of a sudden? Then, apparently, you offended him very much, and you will have to endure it steadfastly. Also try to convince him of his sincere repentance.

There are no instructions on how to properly apologize to a guy. The most important thing is that the apologies be sincere and come from a pure heart. Such requests for forgiveness are hard to resist. And only in this case, you can count on 100% success.


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