How to approach a guy

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How to approach a guy

The first step in getting to know an interesting young man is often not easy for girls, they are not confident in themselves, they are overly worried. And this is quite a fair excitement, because the first impression plays a huge role in subsequent relationships.
How to approach a guy


Before approaching guy, make sure that your appearance is impeccable. Let your smile shine, your hair be neatly styled, and your clothes emphasize the dignity of your figure.
Of course, the easiest way to get to know a guy is through mutual friends. Then you don’t need to do anything special, everything will work itself out. If you have such an opportunity — use it.
The best way to approach guy — find some formal reason for this. Anything can be the reason. For example, you can ask him for a small favor. For example, take a picture of you with your camera. At the same time, you must be sure that the young man is not in a hurry at this moment. In this case, your request will not weigh him down, and you can even ask him to take pictures of you more than once. In addition, while he is taking pictures, he will inevitably appreciate your appearance. But, of course, you can find some other reason for dating.
Be natural. Of course, you need to make a good impression, but this does not require showing any atypical character traits. You have to like it the way it is.
Even if this approach seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for you, then try to enlist the help of a friend who is more confident than you. But remember that this method is not the most reliable. Of course, it will be easier for you to get to know the object of your sympathy. But if you are in the shadow of a friend, then it is very likely that the young man will turn his attention to her, and you will be left out of work. Therefore, try to overcome your shyness. Believe in yourself, and everything will work out.


Please note that not every occasion for communication is equally suitable for all guys. For example, a request to smoke can immediately kill all opportunities for the development of a conversation, in the event that a young man has a negative attitude towards smoking girls.

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