How to approach your husband

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How to approach your husband

Many women are embarrassed to take the initiative in bed. They are afraid to show husband depraved or uncouth. In fact, a man can be seduced subtly and delicately. It is in your power to do everything so that he will think that he wanted to have sex with you.
Don't be intrusive


Approach unobtrusively. Men hate scheduled sex or marital debt. They don’t like being pressured or forced to have sex. Leave the pressure and perseverance to them. A woman should act smarter. You probably know all the erotic stimuli that excite him. Try to casually demonstrate them, as if you didn’t even think about sex.
Pay attention to him. If your spouse comes home from work tired, the last thing they can think about is sex. Talk to him, ask about the past day. Eat well. He should emotionally relax, feel your warmth. And then a heart-to-heart conversation can imperceptibly flow into sex.
Offer him a massage. Without any intimacy. Many men come alive from bodily touch. Give him a neck and head massage. You can offer to massage your back. Use gentle movements, don’t try to be a chiropractor. It should be a relaxing massage with very soft touches.
Use his favorite fetishes. In order to use them in seduction, you must know them. Some men are turned on by beautiful lingerie, others by dirty talk with obscenities. If he likes to do something specific in bed, you can hint that you are in a special mood for this today.
Leave him room to retreat. Seduction of a woman should be unobtrusive and delicate. If you see that he is completely unprepared for intimacy, it is better to postpone it to another day. It is more difficult for men to refuse women, and they endure sex from obligations worse than the weaker sex. If you see your husband’s complete lack of interest in sex today, stop your game in time.

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