How to arrange a date

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How to arrange a date

First date — a rather responsible event and often the relationship of many couples, having begun not with him, right there, ends with him. In order for your relationship to continue after the first meeting, and for you to have time to get to know each other better, you need to take care to make a good impression right away. If you have already received consent to a meeting together, then try to arrange date so that the girl wants to see you more than once.
How to arrange a date


It’s best to organize date so that all its participants, that is, you and she, feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. You should not invite a girl to a pretentious restaurant for a first date, so that she spends a couple of days in front of him in intense thought — what should she wear and what hairstyle to do. Model the situation so that ordinary casual clothes are suitable for a date.
Before datem, perhaps you should not buy a huge bouquet with which your lady will then suffer for several hours. You can buy one beautiful flower that can courageously endure the absence of water without much damage to its beauty — a chrysanthemum, a gerbera, or something like that.
If the weather is nice outside, start your date with a walk. It can be a park, quiet streets of the city, any sparsely populated places where you can start chatting and get to know each other, on the way you can go to sit in some cozy cafe, treat a lady if she doesn’t want something more, delicious coffee , tea or fresh juice. Do not sit too long in one place, because the walk itself is also a pleasure.
If the weather is not very conducive to walking, then it’s better not to drag it to the cinema anyway. In this case, you can chat in shopping centers, in art galleries where interesting exhibitions are held, cafes — wherever you feel interesting, warm and comfortable. Sitting at a cafe table and talking “about nothing”, you can learn a lot about a person and understand whether he is interesting to you and whether it is worth continuing further relations with him.
A warm, friendly conversation, the interest that you show in your interlocutor, gallantry and sincerity will create that pleasant atmosphere of relaxation that everyone likes. Be natural and don’t tense up thinking about how the first will end. date. After all, after our advice, it will certainly not be your last.

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