How to ask a girl for a phone number

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How to ask a girl for a phone number

For some men, meeting an attractive girl is not difficult, but for others, the desire to ask girls telephone and getting to know her better becomes an insurmountable obstacle. How to meet girls and ask them for a number telephoneand to get their attention without seeming intrusive?
How to ask a girl for a phone number


First of all, you must be confident in yourself. Don’t apologize to a girl for taking her number. telephonea, do not demonstrate shyness and discomfort. Think in advance where exactly you will write down the number that the girl will give you. Prepare a notebook or mobile telephone.
Always show your seriousness when you take telephoneand then the girl will not be able to refuse you.
Before asking for girls room telephoneWell, hang out with her for a while. Then you will be able to understand whether she is interesting to you as a person, and whether there are prospects for your communication and your relationship. If you don’t feel uncomfortable, take action.
Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy: if a girl treats you well and already knows you well enough, she will give you a number telephonebut at the first request. However, the final decision is hers.
If you see that she is not yet ready to give you a number, do not force her to do it. Excessive pressure can scare the girl away, and your relationship will deteriorate even more. If you were rejected, do not show regret and frustration. The girl must see that the rejection did not affect you, and then it will hurt her.
In the process of further communication, find the right moment when both of you are passionate about an interesting topic of conversation, and again ask girls telephone. Show a little perseverance and confidence in the successful outcome of your actions, but do not be too intrusive.
Do not pester the girl and approach the issue you need subtly and thoughtfully. You can also give the girl your telephone, offering to call when she wants. Perhaps this will help her loosen up, and she will give you her number in return.
Offer to arrange the next meeting on telephoney, and the girl will definitely want to meet you if spending time together gives her pleasure, and, in this case, she will immediately give you a number telephonebut for communication.

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