How to ask for a girl’s hand

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How to ask for a girl’s hand

How to ask arms girlsso that both of you will remember this day as one of the happiest and brightest moments given by life? There are many ways to offer arms and hearts, but you only need one of them, your own, the one and only. It all depends on your ingenuity, determination, confidence, ability to hear the voice of his and her heart.
How to ask for a girl's hand


Think and weigh everything carefully: the first time they get married is only once in a lifetime. Are you sure that you have found the one you want to be with for many years, in joy and sorrow, in good and bad times? Does she love you? Are you ready to support a family, want to have children? If you answered yes three times, move on.
Ask around and find out how your father proposed to your mother. This can be interesting and even the best option.
Remember your favorite books and films: maybe there is an episode of a declaration of love that you want to repeat in real life? For example, you will look unusually romantic, kneeling in front of the lady of the heart in a musketeer costume, or very manly in a Dundee costume, nicknamed «Crocodile». A win-win is the strict classic version of a gentleman in a tuxedo.
Try to delicately and casually ask your beloved or her friend what kind of declaration of love your girlfriend is dreaming of. It may well be that this is a romantic option — girls Still great dreamers.
The Hollywood version of the diamond ring has become almost a must when offering. arms and hearts. There is such an opportunity — give it to your future bride. No — give another, only beautiful, original and the size of her finger. But in any case, do not fall for dangerous advice such as throwing a box with a ring during a joint walk in the rain into a puddle, they say, let them pick it up and be amazed. He will be amazed, but not at the offer, but at your tactlessness and stupidity.
Another one of the now common advice on «unusual» proposals arms and the heart of a betrothed: make it while flying in a balloon or simultaneously skydiving. It might work if both of you are athletic and it’s not the first time you’ve done it. But will the young lady be up to your explanations if she jumps with a parachute for the first time?
Think also carefully before organizing a declaration of love with a group of friends who will hold signs that say: «Will you marry him»? What if she refuses?
You offer your hand and heart to your beloved and ask her arms? So gently take her hand in yours, kiss it and press it to your heart. You will feel her warmth and tenderness. Look her straight in the eyes and say the most important thing: “I love you. Will you marry me?» May everything work out for you, happiness, love and harmony in your future marriage!

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