How to ask for the hand of a daughter

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How to ask for the hand of a daughter

In the old days it was a tradition to ask arms and the girl’s heart from her parents. Now there are no such strict restrictions. However, it is considered a sign of respect and good form if a young man comes to his father and mother and asks arms bride.
How to ask for the hand of a daughter


First of all, you need to agree on the day on which you will come to your girlfriend’s parents. This process should not happen spontaneously. After all, the girl’s family needs to be given time to prepare the festive table, and you have to mentally tune in, as well as make all the necessary purchases.
In no case should you come to woo a girl empty-handed. According to tradition, the groom should bring his future father-in-law a good strong alcoholic drink. For this case, whiskey or cognac is suitable. And his future mother-in-law — a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Prepare the engagement ring in advance and be sure to take it with you.
After all family members have settled down at the table, stand up and politely ask for the floor. By name-patronymic, refer with words to the parents of your girlfriend. Tell them that you love their daughter very much and ask permission to marry her. If they give you a positive answer, then take out the wedding ring prepared in advance and put it on the bride’s finger.
If the bride’s relatives do not yet know you very well, then get ready to answer their many questions. You can think in advance of the answers to the most common of them. For example, the following: who are your parents, where are you going to live after the wedding, how do you plan to provide for your wife, and how do you feel about children.
Try to leave the most pleasant impression of yourself. Be polite, careful, careful. Willingly answer any questions from relatives. Do not allow yourself liberties in relation to the girl: do not kiss her in front of everyone, do not hug her. After all, some parents may not like it. It’s best to just hold her hand.

Useful advice

It is necessary to learn in advance the names and patronymics of all close relatives of the bride. Otherwise, you risk getting into an awkward position.

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