How to attract a specific person

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How to attract a specific person

Every person from time to time draws in the imagination of his soul mate. Even people who are not free dream of improving their personal lives, and perhaps even finding a more suitable life partner. But for many, significant changes do not occur, and the desired lover (s) is in no hurry to make happy with their appearance. There are several proven ways, the use of which will accelerate the realization of a dream. You will be able to attract the desired companion into your life.
Draw in your dreams who you want to attract


In your mind, an approximate image of the attracted human. Take a piece of paper and a pen, sit back, retire, now you have to take an important step towards fulfilling your dream. Close your eyes, imagine the appearance of the person you want to attract into your life. Feel the nature of it human, his financial situation, scope of work, etc. Now open your eyes and start writing whatever comes to mind about this person. For example, he has green eyes, he drives a white Mercedes, he is 33 years old, etc.
Create a wish card. Take a few magazines, your own photo, scissors, glue and a piece of paper. Find among the photographs in magazines people whose appearance matches the image of that human, which you want to pull. Cut out these pictures. Place your own photo in the center of the drawing paper, and stick the most suitable one next to it. humanwhich is similar to what you intended. You can make a whole collage, for example, a wedding ceremony.
Use the law of similarity. If you attribute to the person you want to attract some traits that you yourself do not possess, it will be difficult to fulfill your dream. For example, wanting to see in your inner circle humanversed in any science or practice, you yourself must develop this trait in yourself.

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