How to be a good wife

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How to be a good wife

be good wife — this is an art that is not born with, it is learned gradually, sometimes at the cost of a lot of stuffed moral cones and injuries. The joint harmonious coexistence of two people is also a joint daily work. We have some tips that you might find useful.
How to be a good wife


There shouldn’t be many of you. Even if a loved one has already become your husband, this does not mean that now in his life, in all his deeds and actions, you must also be present. You are two adults, so everyone already has an established world — work, friends, hobbies and habits. Both he and you should have their own territory, the more pleasant it will be to find common ground.
Your home, although filled with relatives and friends, should be YOUR home, within the walls of which you can take a break from everyday troubles, relax, feel comfort and coziness. A lot of this depends on you. No one requires you to rush to the stove every day after work, start cooking, washing and cleaning, but you must be able to do all this and at the same time teach your spouse this. Household chores can be done together or in turns, they should not be a heavy duty for anyone.
Feel free to praise your husband, telling him how and why you love him, but even here you need to know when to stop. If you criticize his shortcomings, you should also notice his merits.
If you are together, then you should be united by love and respect for each other. And these feelings imply trust. Of course, from time to time you can express jealousy, if there is one, but constantly making scenes and controlling it is not worth it. On the other hand, subtle control doesn’t hurt, but it shouldn’t turn into a mania.
Never criticize his parents or try to quarrel with friends. Parents are still not chosen, and he may “outgrow” his friends under your leadership. If this did not happen, then humble yourself, because something connects your loved one with them, respect his choice.
A good wife may lose a particular battle but win the battle. Do not be afraid to give in, unless, of course, it concerns fundamental things. If you are right, then over time your spouse will be convinced of this and will begin to listen to your advice more often.
And most importantly, loving your husband and devoting yourself to your family, do not howl to take care of yourself — your beauty, health, education — because now this is your common family capital!

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