How to be a real girl

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How to be a real girl

This question is of interest to girls who have just begun their adult life, but do not yet know the rules that are so well known to older girls. How not to become the cause of ridicule of others and not to fill extra bumps, how to behave in an adult, yet new world for you? How to be real girl?
How to be a real girl


You should not demonstrate to everyone that you, too, have become an adult, smearing tons of cosmetics on yourself, pouring perfume on yourself and putting on outfits embroidered with rhinestones and lurex, even going for a walk. Try to make your appearance and clothes always correspond to the time and place, dress comfortably, but stylishly and neatly.
Do not think that you can attract people with loud shouts, laughter, defiant behavior. At best, they will simply stop noticing you, and at worst, you will simply run into rudeness.
Even if you know how to smoke and skillfully drink beer from cans, do not show everyone this skill once again, you may surprise your peers, but older people are no longer there. If you like to do it, then choose bars and restaurants for this, never smoke when you walk down the street.
Remember that no bright clothes and self-confident tone can hide the lack of intelligence and knowledge from others. Develop, read books, study, be always open to new things. Find yourself some interesting hobby related to physical development — skiing, windsurfing, cycling, yoga. Become interesting to yourself, and you will be interesting to others.
Learn to be a hostess. As a future wife and mother, you must be aware that comfort and peace in the house largely depend on the woman. And at the same time, she doesn’t have to hang around the stove all day or walk around the house with a vacuum cleaner, she just needs to be able to organize her home.
Remain yourself, do not be shy to be kind and sweet, falseness in behavior is always felt. Show concern for others, be positive and friendly. Be strong and independent, but do not be afraid to show your weakness, because it is in it that female strength is sometimes manifested.

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