How to beat a guy?

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How to beat a guy

I am very glad if you formulated your request on the Internet in this way, and did not write, for example «How to beat off a guy from a girlfriend?» Why? Because it tells me this: you are already a completely mature person and are well aware of the following truth: there can be a dime a dozen guys in your life, and a devoted, sincere girlfriend is truly a gift from Heaven. And gifts from there, as you know, pour on us very, very rarely. However, we have a completely different topic on the agenda, namely, how to beat off a guy from another.

I assume that this question torments you for a reason. There was probably a moment when, because of this other, you felt so crushed and destroyed that you just wanted to seep through the window and disappear — having previously smeared this other, like goose pate, on the nearest wall.

Possibly a solution “I want to take the guy away from her!” came into your head completely unexpectedly for yourself. Or — what could be! “You just really, really like this particular guy. No matter! We’re here to talk about how you can beat a guy — not why you decided to beat him.

So, are there any special ways at all to beat off a guy? I would call it not methods, but a well-thought-out line of behavior.

To begin with, keep in mind that your appearance when completing the mission «How to beat off a guy» will play a rather minor role. Therefore, thoughts like “I’ll take him away from this ugly woman in no time!” should not arise in you even in the embryonic state. As, however, and others — «Where can I compete with such a beauty …» This is the first and main postulate that you must learn.

The second basic rule is the Rule of Permanent Presence. What I mean? Asking how to recapture a guy from another makes sense only if you are somehow in contact with this guy.

Try to exchange phone numbers with him — and don’t expect him to call first. Call him yourself — to congratulate him on his birthday or holiday, just to find out how things are going. But make sure that these conversations on your part do not drag on, and are at first very short — like a quick injection that irritates the nervous system.

Let him get used to you. Over time, in addition to his will, your calls will become familiar to him and necessary on a subconscious level. You say it’s a long wait! Yes it is. It is unlikely that you will be able to take him away in a week or a month. But I think you were wondering how you can get a guy off for a long time, not how to get a guy off for one night?

When you see that he began to support your telephone conversations, ask you questions and be interested in your affairs, stop calling him and wait it out. If you never get a call from him, you will have to start all over again. If he calls you to find out if something happened to you, you have gone half way along a thorny road with a sign «How to take a guy away from another» and you can move on.

And further movement suggests that now you need to unobtrusively, but persistently infiltrate the rear — that is, in his relationship with the other. Start gently asking him questions about her. Listen very carefully to his answers — even by his tone you can understand how he feels about her and how attached he is to her.

I want to beat the guy

Never criticize her or say anything bad about her at all. On the contrary, tell him about how they fit together and how nice it is to look at them from the side. This is the third basic rule of the How to Beat a Guy Challenge, and I would call it the Positive Feedback Rule.

However, keep in mind that every couple fights at some point. So be patient and wait for that moment to come. He will definitely tell you about their quarrel — of course, provided that you have succeeded in the previous stages of the marathon «How to beat off a guy from an opponent.»

If he tells you about it on the phone, ask him if he would like to meet to talk more about it in a more relaxed atmosphere. When I say “meet”, I mean that this meeting, ideally, should not take place on the playground in your yard, but at home, where you could be alone with him.

Keep in mind the following. Hearing the word “yes” from him in response, you may well assume that you heard the phrase “I would like this conversation to take place in bed” from him. But this mistake should not be made. I don’t mean bed. The bed was originally our last, final trump card in the game «How to beat a guy.»

What I want to say is don’t let this conversation take place in bed. Let him speak out, anywhere — in the kitchen, in the hallway, on the balcony. As long as it’s not where you’re going to give him the finishing blow.

Another very important detail — do not touch him during the entire time he complains to you about another. Your touches on a subconscious level will be further associated with him with that other one. Do you need it? After all, you want to recapture the guy from the other, and not nail him to her.

But when he speaks out, caress, take a nap, as they say. Touch him timidly and casually — or, as if in a friendly way, hug him lightly. Believe me, he will bring you to bed himself …

Well, I really hope that the game was worth the candle, and that as a result you didn’t ask yourself slowly and thoughtfully: “Well, why did I need this ?!”

Let’s go further — the goal is codenamed «How to take a guy away from another» not yet completed, and the last steps, as usual, can be the most difficult. Read very carefully what I am about to write.

Be sure to get out of bed first. The best reason for this is to offer to bring him a smoke or something to drink. Do not try to walk naked in front of him, no matter how luxurious your physique is. And don’t make the mistake of asking him if you can put on his shirt — our ways to beat a guy off don’t involve anything like that.

I know that it will be very, very unpleasant for you to know the following — but, nevertheless, I will tell you this. The first and only thought that frantically pops up in his head immediately “after that” is the thought of her, that is, of the other. And at that moment, he will have the strongest desire either to disappear himself as soon as possible — if the meeting took place at your house, or to get rid of you as soon as possible — if you met in his apartment.

So get up, get dressed (you won’t be in bed with him anymore today), bring him a cigarette or a glass of something tasty, and sit on the edge of the bed. First of all, ask him not to say anything to the other — because you don’t want to hurt her. Reassure him that everything will be fine with them — you are simply sure of it. Tell him that if he wants to be your friend, How to take a guy away from anotheryou will be very happy about it.

In other words, let him understand that the bed episode did not matter much to you. He will come back to you again — and he will come back to be in bed with you again, and not to discuss his difficulties with another.

Does this mean that the above steps will help you become a winner in the competition «How to take a guy away from another»? Almost certainly yes. Why «almost»? You see what’s the matter. Indeed, in addition to the “How to beat off a guy” technique, there is also the opposite – “How to keep a guy.” And if your opponent has learned it much better than you have learned yours… But that’s another conversation and another topic.


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