How to become a smart girl?

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How to be a smart girl

Sooner or later, every girl hears an admiring comment about someone in a conversation between older women: “You need to learn from her, she is a very smart woman.” And at this moment, for the first time in her life, she thinks about how to become a smart girl. What does the concept of «smart and wise woman» mean, and is there a technique that will tell you how a woman can become truly smart — we’ll talk in this article.

Stereotypes about women

The theme of the female mind is so full of stereotypes that they sometimes begin to contradict one another. The truth can be found by examining them more closely and determining the share of truth in each of them.

Stereotype one. Horror, how smart — lovely, what a fool

A smart woman will not be successful with men — this is the main idea of ​​u200bu200bthis category. She is not sexy, she is cold and even frigid. She is boring, blue stocking, unhappy in her personal life. And no one really wants it. The last statement best shows where this common stereotype comes from: from the stratum of the male population who measure their own usefulness by sexual solvency. And if not everything is fine with the latter, these boring smart women are to blame, they are alone around, yes.

Who benefits from this stereotype: insecure men with low intelligence.

Stereotype two: the female mind does not exist

The number of aphorisms on this topic is endless. A well-known psychological trap — try to prove that you are not a ship of the desert. The study showed that female students wrote tests equally well with male students. But in the case when the lecturer, before distributing assignments, allowed himself a joke-doubt in the female intellect, the girls showed the worst results. On the other hand, it will not be difficult to find information about the smartest women who have enriched human civilization throughout history.

Who benefits from this stereotype? men with low intelligence.

Stereotype three: the female mind is female wisdom

And women’s wisdom is to hide your mind in order to please men. A smart and wise woman will never allow doubts that a man is the most important, the smartest, he himself decided and did everything. A smart woman will never focus on her achievements, merits — what are you! It would be a very stupid thing to do and she will regret it. A smart woman takes care of herself: she must be beautiful, affectionate, ready to feed and caress at any time of the day. Only a beautiful and smart girl can become successful — first get married, and then keep a family.

Who benefits from this stereotype? selfish men with any level of intelligence.

The third stereotype is supported more than the other two by women themselves. This category contains advice from mothers, aunts, grandmothers — to give in, endure, take on more, and demand less for yourself. No wonder — for centuries, such behavior allowed a woman not to be a bat, and to occupy at least some social position.

What is a smart woman?

Let’s return to the young girl who is looking for the answer to the question «how to become a smart woman.» We have weeded out the stereotypes, now let’s look around in search of beautiful and smart, and at the same time happy, women. Andhow to be a smart woman we will find a large number of them: in politics, in business, in top management. These women do not adapt to the expectations of society — they themselves form a society for themselves. They choose the style of clothing and behavior, looking for their own harmony. Their personal lives demonstrate the answer to the question: «Do men like smart women?». Yes, but only wise men. After all, real partnerships, where there will be no sacrificial ministries, can be created only by two reasonable people.

So how do you become a smart woman: live like a full-fledged female person, or pull the female lot and live up to expectations — expecting to be called a real wise woman for this? Everyone makes a choice for themselves.


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