How to become an ideal lover — practical recommendations

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how to be the perfect lover practical advice

People put a lot of characteristics into the concept of an ideal lover. To satisfy your man and give him pleasure, you need to be feminine, sensual, tender, etc. There are several recommendations that will allow you to achieve excellence in this matter.

What is the ideal lover?

According to surveys, men in women value sex appeal much more than appearance. By the way, the temperament of the partner is of great importance.

Practical tips on how to become the perfect lover:

  1. A girl must know all her erogenous zones in order to feel her body. This will allow her to easily find similar places on the partner’s body. Examine the body of a man, using, for example, a pen.
  2. According to the representatives of the stronger sex, the ideal lover in bed is a woman who does not hold back her emotions and can moan, scream, etc. It is important that it be real, without any game and simulation.
  3. An important secret of an ideal lover is to love yourself and your body. If a lady has complexes and she is shy, then there is no need to talk about any looseness. In addition, you should not have sex if there is no desire, because both partners will not get pleasure.
  4. Sex should be varied. You can periodically change places, for example, surrender to passion in the shower, on the kitchen table, etc. You can surprise a man with an erotic dance or sexy underwear. Don’t forget about role-playing games.
  5. An important quality of an ideal lover is initiative, which should also be manifested in the bedroom. Do not hold back your emotions, but do not show aggression. If you want to change something or make something new in sexual relations, then you should say it. Both partners must do this. Understatement should not be present in bed.


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