How to become the only one for a man?

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how to be single for a man

Of course, you would like to feel out of competition for your loved one, to see his loving eyes around the clock, listen to compliments, be shrouded in his attention? Is it really a blue dream, absolutely unattainable, unrealistic? Today we will talk about how to become the only one for your man, how to make the universal female dream a reality.

Become the best

The most effective way to «convince» your chosen one of your own perfection is to make him unique, the only one and the very best. Simply put, you have to convince him that he is the best. Tell him this frankly, tell him how smart, handsome, inventive he is, and he will feel like that next to you. He will seek your company in order to feel himself the best again, because only you tell him about his perfection.

Common cause

But of course you want to start with yourself. How to become the one and only — it puzzles you a lot, but the main thing is how not to get bored after many years of living together, that’s what you are most afraid of.

Male psychology and female psychology are two different things. Women want a man to talk to them, and men want business. Yes, it is the case and preferably — in common. A man needs an ally, and only the feelings that arose when overcoming common difficulties can make you special and unique for him.

Set common goals, if every day you have a familiar routine, do not expect a revival of feelings from your husband. Come up with a common cause that is interesting for both of you, give the leading role to the man, and you must become his right and left hand, without which he cannot do.

Do not present everything to him on a saucer with a blue border.

A man must achieve everything himself, only then can he respect himself. You can buy him a position (if you have money), expensive attributes, you can do everything instead of him so that he does not gather dust, but he will never forgive you for this. If you really want to know how to be the one for himhow to become the only one for him, leave him space for personal growth, leave him oxygen and do not take his time 24 hours a day. A man is an external being, a woman is an internal one. Your space is the home, male space is everything outside the home. He must become someone outside the home walls and the best thing you can do is not interfere.

Meet the getter with the pomp

When your man returns home from his outer sphere of influence, he should feel triumphant. Kiss him, hug him and accustom him to warm slippers and a delicious dinner.


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