How to bind a man to yourself?

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How to bind a man

Of course, we all laugh at the words «and they lived happily ever after, and never quarreled.» But tell me, which of us would not like to know how to bind a beloved man to us forever? And having heard enough about divorces and having seen enough of unfortunate women, you really want to be sure that your family is indestructible. So how do you still tie a man to yourself?

How to bind a husband to yourself?

How to tie him to himself, many married ladies are considering. And what to think here, everything is simple — become an ideal wife, after clarifying the criteria with your beloved, and he will never leave you. But maybe you are already like that, maybe everything is fine with you and you don’t need to invent anything? If this is so, then forget about all your fears, put things aside and run to your husband with affection and tenderness. No technique can replace your sincere warmth and love.

Have you found a discrepancy between your behavior and his ideals? Do not rush to reshape yourself, first think about whether it is worth it. It is one thing when you are hinted that it would be nice to pay more attention to cooking borscht (there are few potatoes in it), and quite another if you have to break yourself in order to adjust to the ideal. The latter should not be done in any case, you will regret it more than once later. After all, your husband chose you and fell in love not only for your stunning appearance, your unique character certainly played an important role in conquering this man. So it’s not worth reshaping yourself, but it’s better to try to find a compromise that would suit both — the ability to negotiate is also valuable in family life.

Well, as for the rest — try to stir up your husband’s interest in your person. This applies to both your sexuality and your business success. Yes, the birth and upbringing of a child are important things, and if there is an opportunity to sit with the baby, this is excellent. But you can’t do just that. There are a lot of stories about the breakup of couples, when a woman devoted herself to the family, completely forgetting about herself. The result — she became uninteresting to her husband, she does not have time to take care of herself, what kind of attraction is there, there is nothing to talk with her either — she and her husband began to be at too different stages of development. To prevent this from happening, learn from the mistakes of others and try to avoid them.

How to bind a married man to yourself?

By the way, do you want to know how to tie a man to you if your beloved is not single? Since we are talking about a lover here, and not a husband, you will have an order of magnitude more difficult. You will need to forget about scandals, claims and refusals, because he is already tired of all this at home, and he goes to you to get something that his wife cannot give. But even if you are the sweetest, kindest and most obedient, it is not a fact that he will decide to divorce for you. After all, the family is not just a word, and it is difficult to take such a responsible step as its destruction. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that mistresses of the whole world think whether it is possible to tie a man, and most importantly, with sex, or maybe a child? To begin with, remember that if a man is not interested in you, then no tricks will help. How to tie a man to sexTherefore, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to tie a man to a child is definitely not. Is it possible to tie a man to sex, you ask? Yes, you can bind, but only for a short time. The maximum that you can achieve is the desire of a man to come to you from time to time for a portion of good sex. But don’t expect these meetings to be regular, and there is no guarantee that one day they will stop. Therefore, only sex is not enough, a married man should find rest in you both for the body and for the soul. Bad mood and unkempt appearance are now contraindicated for you. In general, you must become a dream woman for this man, and then, perhaps, he will become yours. But remember, this is a risky undertaking and success cannot be guaranteed.

If you are considering the word “bind” from the point of view of various magical actions, such as divination and drying, think soberly whether you believe in all this, and whether it is necessary. After all, any binding is violence against the free will of man. Do you really want to do this with the man you love?


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