How to break up friends with a guy

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How to break up friends with a guy

Love does not always last a lifetime, as lovers dream about — sometimes people break up, and after parting they can either forget about each other forever, or continue communication, remaining friends. The last scenario is especially difficult for former lovers — often all attempts to maintain friendship turn into failure, and they have to completely stop communicating. How to break up friends and maintain a friendly relationship with a person even after a break?
How to break up friends with a guy


Such a separation requires special attention and tact in relation to a person, and therefore stay friends only those people who have really become close to each other can and, despite the fading of feelings, they continue to be interested in each other’s life.
Such a friendship gives you a lot of advantages — you know your partner like no one else, which means you can give him the best friendly advice. However, for this you need to follow some rules.
In order to part friends, discuss the end of your relationship in a calm atmosphere, without scandals and mutual reproaches. Thank the person for everything that happened between you and honestly admit that your feelings have faded. Do not immediately invite a person to stay friends.
Wait a while until the first regrets subside and the person stops feeling sad — then you can offer not to leave completely, but to continue friendly communication. Let the person know that no matter what, he is dear to you.
Never flirt or flirt with the person you choose to be with. friends after a period of close relationships. Try not to touch on the topic of your former relationship, both in person and in the company of mutual friends. This topic will be painful for both of you.
Never gossip about what happened between you, do not be jealous of your ex-partner for other people, do not dictate a model of behavior to him — now this person is free and has the right to manage his personal life independently. Do not make critical comments in relation to his new chosen ones. This will help maintain a warm relationship for a long time.

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