How to break up with a guy by text

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How to break up with a guy by text

Breaking up is always better to talk about. A telephone conversation is acceptable in some cases, but still there is an element of understatement after it, only a personal presence can dot the i’s and convince your partner of the finality of your decision. But if the conflict in your relationship is so unresolvable that you cannot even see your ex-lover, it remains only to part with him SMS.
How to break up with a guy by text


Make sure there is no other way. Parting by SMS — an extreme measure, which is better not to resort to at all. In addition, a young man may take the message for a prank or decide that your phone has fallen into the wrong hands.
The message does not have to be short to the point of monosyllables, but you will not replace your own presence with an abundance of words. On the contrary, the young man will decide that you are convincing yourself of the need for a break, which means you doubt it. So choose a short wording. Write it down on paper and try to read it through your boyfriend’s eyes. Consider his condition: angry, depressed, confused.
Be very clear and concise. Don’t ask for a «time out», don’t take a reprieve.
Possible wordings: “I’ll pick up things on the weekend”, “It’s all over between us. I’m sorry», «I don’t love you anymore» — etc. Context SMSCorrespondence does not imply an explanation of the reasons or a showdown. You are simply stating a fact.

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