How to break up with a guy in a good way

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How to break up with a guy in a good way

Breaking up a relationship doesn’t happen out of the blue. The most common reasons are conflict, mutual inability to compromise, the illusion of incompatibility of characters, or real incompatibility. But sometimes relationships simply exhaust themselves, come to a standstill, one of the partners realizes that it’s time to leave.
How to break up with a guy in a good way


Talk about breaking up guy you have to start in person. No instant messengers, SMS, telephone conversations and other methods of communication will have an effect. There will be a residue, a feeling of reversibility. So make an appointment and say that you want to discuss an important issue.
Don’t start talking about a breakup right after saying hello. Sit in a secluded place where no one will disturb you. After that, in a short phrase in an affirmative tone, declare a break. Possible formulations: «We are parting», «We must part.» Most likely, the young man also thinks about it and will not argue. Otherwise, no matter what arguments he puts forward, no matter what he asks, remain adamant. Breaking up means breaking up.
Then state the reasons for the breakup. If it’s about the guy’s shortcomings: betrayal, aggression, jealousy, say straight out that you can’t live with them. Do not believe promises to improve, but do not show cynicism. If there is another reason, state it. Do not suggest ways out of the situation and do not listen to his suggestions. If the conflict has reached a break, then even this conversation will not change anything.
For some time, if possible, do not contact the young man. If you work together or do some other common thing, then at the general meetings act as if nothing happened, but try to avoid his touch. Be polite and kind.

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