How to break up with a lover

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How to break up with a lover

If we are talking about a lover, then this means that you are married. It does not matter how and why it happened that you started cheating, but sooner or later, if you decide to save your family, you will have to leave. How can this procedure be made less painful?
How to break up with a lover


Stop fooling yourself. The constant deceit and lies that accompany betrayal have a detrimental effect on the nervous system and, ultimately, on general well-being. If you are still strongly attached to your lover, then it may be worth looking at him without rose-colored glasses of love. Take a closer look at him, find some negative features, call the artistic mess in his apartment — slovenliness, his lateness — inattention to you, lack of gifts — greed. Even if this is not the case, the separation will become easier.
Talk to him. If you are both calm, balanced people, then he will respect your choice and will not insist on continuing the relationship. Worse, if your lover is a neurotic, then you have to try to accustom him to the thought of an inevitable separation. Convince him that parting is inevitable. It’s all the easier to do that you have a family. Here you will not cheat if you refer to affection for your husband and love for children.
Provoke him to break. Here we, women, do not know our equals. There are many ways — make scandals, saw it, demand the impossible. This is quite enough for anyone to understand that you are not the woman of his dreams.
Get lost for a long time. Finally, take care of things that you constantly put off, go to courses, devote your free time to yourself, your children and your husband. Do not answer his calls and letters, let him know that you are not bored and you can do without his presence in your life.
Don’t pull. If this solution is to part with loveris ripe in your head, then you don’t need to pull, it’s better to dot all at once, let such a gap be more painful, but it will save a lot of nerves, strength and time.

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