How to check the sincerity of his feelings

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How to check the sincerity of his feelings

Expensive gifts, exquisite courtship, attention, flowers… Do you suspect that a gambling hunter just wants to woo you? Do you feel Are you warm by his side? Are you sure of the sincerity of his feelings?
How to check the sincerity of his feelings


Doubt about the sincerity of your man crept into your head. There is something about his behavior that you don’t understand. You no longer know what to think about this? If this is about you, please sit down, calm down, and think it over. Do not rush to come up with insidious plans to «test» a man. Believe me, often a simple frank conversation is enough to find out everything that bothers you. Talk to him. Tell him about your condition. Describe how you feel and why. Ask a man to help you manage your anxiety.
If you still decide to arrange a test for your man, then be careful. Try to make sure that he does not guess anything. Otherwise, with your behavior, you can push a man away from you: they do not like it when they are being manipulated.
The standard method of checking a man is simple: write to him from an unknown number on the phone and offer a romantic meeting. Or write to him on the Internet from a new account. Modern technologies offer many options for an anonymous invitation. Introduce yourself as some mysterious stranger. Watch his reaction.
Ask a man to do something for you. If his feelings for you are sincere, he will try to fulfill your request as quickly as possible.
Finally, a little parting word, dear ladies. Trust your men. Be tactful with them, respect the man’s personality. Remember that a person who respects himself will respect those around him.

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