How to choose a dream

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How to choose a dream

Since ancient times, people have tried to understand what sleep is. There were no versions. But the most common was the one that said that sleep is a journey of the soul. It was even impossible to wake a sleeping person until his soul wakes up by itself. Each of us has dreams. Someone sees bright and meaningful, it seems to someone that they were not there at all during the night. Let’s talk about how to choose a dream for the night.
How to choose a dream


First of all, you need to relax. In a tense state, nothing will work out, so you need to choose a technique for relaxation. As an example, we can take autogenic relaxation. It consists of specially selected phrases that program you to relax. It is possible to pronounce these phrases in your mind, but the use of an audio recording is also not excluded.
After relaxation, you need to completely free your mind from thoughts. You just need to not think. All thoughts must completely leave you. As soon as this state is reached, we begin to concentrate on one specific thought. This thought is what you want to see in your dream. Program yourself with words. For example, tell yourself that you want to see a beautiful house in your dream.
Visualize this house for yourself and concentrate on it. Try to avoid outside thoughts. If you are well relaxed, then it is possible that you will fall asleep. If not, then continue visualizing. Bring her to a hypnotic state. Do not allow extraneous thoughts that can interrupt your concentration. With this technique, your subconscious mind will perceive your actions, and will show what you are concentrating on.
If you can’t get the relaxation technique, then we use the emotion technique. Everyone knows that when watching a horror movie at night, the brain is excited by the action of emotions. Usually such a film causes fear or fear. When you go to bed, the brain reproduces these emotions in a dream. Therefore, quite often after watching such films, nightmares occur. Knowing this, you can give your brain an emotional boost before you go to bed. If you want to see your loved one, then evoke the emotion that arises when you are with him. Focus on her. Try to evoke an emotion of great power. After that, according to the impression of «experienced», go to bed.

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