How to choose a woman

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How to choose a woman

Choose the right one woman — a rather difficult task. Especially when you consider that men in their choice are primarily interested in the degree of attractiveness of the object as a sexual partner. However, if you are serious and expect to find the best, then try to communicate as much as possible with the one you chose to understand that she is the one.
The best woman will be the best for you, not only in sex or philosophical debate, but in everything else.
You will need
  • Intention to find the best woman and spend the rest of my days with her


In order to choose woman, decide what you are looking for in a relationship. Many initially incorrectly assess the situation and hastily drawing conclusions later repent (for example, choosing a very passionate girl, after a couple of months they go crazy with fatigue). Choose for perspective.
Impossible to guess perfect woman from the first time, to make the right choice you need to meet with many. Only in this way you can feel the difference and understand that you have found your own.
Although opposites attract, you must choose the right one. womanwith whom you have at least something in common, otherwise you will get bored with the relationship very quickly.
The key to winning when choosing a woman is communication. As soon as the first passion subsides and you spend much less time in bed with your girlfriend, you will have to talk. If you didn’t find common themes before sex, it’s unlikely you’ll find them after.
The ideal woman is the one to whom you are drawn and the one who is drawn to you. Research proves that couples with less physical attraction are more unhappy in relationships. This is not your case.
Help choose woman one small sign will help: if you notice that no matter what you do and no matter how you feel, thoughts about your girlfriend fill you with tenderness, and you feel that she has the same thing in relation to you — this is her!

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