How to choose vaginal balls?

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Vaginal balls are a small device that is used by many women to improve their own sex life, and even to restore health. Therefore, before choosing vaginal balls, you should find out what models of these devices exist and what each type of balls is used for.

How to choose the size of vaginal balls?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the ball. As a rule, they are from one and a half to 4 cm in diameter, and their weight can be from 30 to 150 grams. If a woman purchases balls for the first time, it is worth choosing larger and lighter ones. The smaller and heavier this device, the more difficult it will be for the muscles of the vagina to hold it.

What models of vaginal balls to choose for muscle training?

If the task of a woman is to learn how to control the muscles of the vagina with the help of balls, it is necessary to purchase a model without a vibrator, since it is intended more for sexual pleasure than for training.

Balls with a displaced center of gravity can also be suitable for exercise. Most often, they are chosen by those women who first decided to do such a workout.

How to choose the right shape of vaginal balls?

Modern manufacturers offer 2 shapes of balls — egg-shaped (oval) and round. Any type is suitable for training. It all depends on the preferences of the woman.

It also does not matter whether the surface of the ball is covered with pimples, or whether it is smooth, and the material from which the device is made. As a rule, they are made of plastic, metal or silicone. Although on sale you can find a device made of stone. The instructions for the vaginal balls will indicate whether it is worth using lubricant when exercising with a particular model of balls.


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