How to convince not to drink

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How to convince not to drink

Not every person is able to independently realize how detrimental alcohol affects him. In this case, you can try to explain why alcohol is harmful. Incentives can be identified that will help get rid of this harmful addiction.
How to convince
You will need
  • desire to convince not to drink.


For pragmatic people, the best incentive is money. Therefore, when convincing a pragmatic person, try to touch on the financial moment. So, calculate and provide a calculation of how much a person would save if he did not drink alcohol. Next, it is worth calculating how many months and years without alcohol you can buy, for example, a car. It is the desired car that can be an incentive.
For pragmatists.
For egoists, they themselves are important, and therefore health or external attractiveness should be an incentive. Tell the person how many diseases he has developed and how bad he became to look, drinking alcohol. And then, having studied the relevant literature, evaluate how long it will take for both health and attractive appearance to return without alcohol.
For egoists
For those who love their children and drink alcohol, it is worth making the well-being of the child an incentive. To get started, ask your child to draw a picture on the topic: “When dad drinks” and hang it in a conspicuous place. You can also describe the prospects for what kind of life awaits the baby without proper financial and moral support from the parent.
For those who love children


It is impossible to convince a person not to drink in one day and hour, because this is hard work, which can bear fruit only with perseverance and true desire.

Useful advice

1. The fact that a person consumes alcohol always has a reason, and it often lies in dissatisfaction with oneself or the environment. It is important to identify it and, if not eliminate it, then minimize it.

2. Do not categorically prohibit drinking and insist on it, remember that the forbidden fruit becomes more desirable than ever.

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