How to cross the border

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How to cross the border

The rules for crossing the border are almost the same — customs control, passport control. In countries with a visa regime — additionally visa control. To cross the border of countries with a visa regime, you need to contact the consulate of the country you want to enter. All visa countries have their own rules and requirements, which are constantly changing. The consulate will tell you everything in detail.
How to cross the border
You will need
  • -international passport
  • -notarized permission to leave the child
  • — birth certificate of the child
  • — Help if there is no permission from the second parent
  • — visa when entering visa countries
  • -insurance


When crossing the border, you must have a passport, which must be issued at the central migration service of your district.
If you cross border with a minor child, he must have his own passport with a photo. This is done when taking out a child of any age. From the second parent, take a notarized permission to cross the border by a minor citizen. Permission is not required if the parent is declared missing, incompetent, convicted for more than 3 years, deprived of parental rights, or died. In all cases of absence of permission from the second parent, documentary evidence of his absence must be presented. If you and your child have a different last name, then you need to have a document confirming the relationship.
When leaving a child unaccompanied by parents, a notarized permission to cross the border from both parents is required.
If one of the parents does not give permission and against the departure of the child, he can declare this to the customs control post or to the migration service. Before a judgment is passed, cross border A minor child will not be allowed.
When crossing the border of some countries, translation of all documents into the language of the country you are entering is required.
When entering countries with increased political or national conflicts, you need to take out life and health insurance. Without it, you will not be allowed to cross border these countries.

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