How to decide on a relationship

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How to decide on a relationship

Sometimes the sad end of the next novel makes you want to close your heart. So you are trying to protect yourself from pain and disappointment. This is a normal feeling of self-preservation.
Open up to new sensations!


No matter what, be open to new communication. As time passes, negative feelings fade. It is impossible to live all the time with pain in the heart and longing in the soul. Such a state takes away vitality, does not allow you to enjoy life. And life will present you with new pleasant meetings and acquaintances. At least you don’t have to give them up.
Communicating with a new acquaintance, you involuntarily compare him with your former men. Try to see good, positive qualities in a new person for you. Evaluate it in terms of your principles, highlight the pros and cons. Such a weighing will allow you to decide whether it is worth continuing the acquaintance. However, do not let excessive criticism initially stop all attempts to build new relations. You should not draw full conclusions about a person from the first meeting. If a man is interested in you, then give him a chance to prove himself.
Do not forget that all people have disadvantages, and so do you. The question is whether you are ready to accept this person as he is. For a serious relationship, this is very important. If you are ready to accept a person along with his shortcomings, then this indicates your readiness for new relationsm. Do not be afraid of your feelings! Even if you later regret something, it’s not just that you spent the rest of your life, closing yourself off from everyone.
Consider that life is rather short. It will be very disappointing if you spend it on destructive self-blame. If fate gives you another chance for happiness, then you should not refuse it. Tune in to the positive, and you will get a lot of positive emotions in return.

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