How to diversify a marriage

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How to diversify a marriage

Family life very often turns into a vicious circle «home — work — home». And the routine gets stuck, and everything is familiar to the gnashing of teeth, and everything is so boring … Although everything seems to be fine … How to make family life more diverse?
In order for marriage not to be boring, you need to make a lot of joint efforts.
You will need
  • romantic letters
  • General hobby
  • Family traditions
  • Bank of family values
  • Small trips and adventures
  • surprises


Remember, no one will solve your problems for you. If you want the relationship to remain as bright, and the feelings as strong as in the first days of meetings, work on it. You’ll have to work hard.
Any, even the strongest passion, subsides over time. Relationships become calmer. Remember what feats you were ready for for your other half. Why not repeat it now? Write the longest letter with declarations of love, serenade under the balcony, start each morning with gentle kisses, and before going to bed wish each other sweet dreams.
Do you feel that your family life has become predictable? Long live surprise! Buy tickets to a celebrity concert, give a surprise gift, redecorate while your partner is away. Yes, there is nothing to surprise!
Let you have as much as possible in common, not only within the walls of your home, but also outside it. Start a common hobby! Try to play music together, sign up for Argentine tango courses, go in for yoga or diving. You will never be bored.
Travel! A real journey is not only an expensive tour to distant countries. It can be a trip to a neighboring city by train. Find out in advance what sights it has, book a hotel, outline a walking route. Or maybe you prefer going out into nature with a tent and gatherings by the night fire?
Nothing strengthens a family like family traditions. If they don’t exist, create them. Involve your children and then your grandchildren. Maybe it will be an annual photo shoot against the backdrop of autumn foliage or New Year’s celebrations in the country near a live Christmas tree, or will you start creating your family’s family tree? There are many options, the main thing is to start!
Keep the memories. Create your own bank of happy memories. Let it be a photo album in which you will paste photos of the most memorable moments. Be sure to design the pages together and with love. Or maybe you will get a box of family jewelry? It will contain a shell brought from a honeymoon trip, a tag from the hospital from your first child, the very first love note that you once wrote to each other. It’s all yours … And looking through these treasures, you will forget that five minutes ago marriage seemed boring and monotonous.

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