How to diversify family life?

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How to diversify family life

Everything has its end. So, once in a relationship of a loving couple, a period of monotony sets in, the romance that was filled with the period of the beginning of acquaintance dries up. The joys of family life disappear. But, as you know, every difficulty has a solution. To do this, you just need to sit down and analyze your family life.

We will try to help you, how to diversify your family life and how to maintain a romantic atmosphere in your relationship. The absence of the former happiness and joy of relationships is clearly manifested, first of all, after the birth of a child. Fatigue, everyday problems, caring for the younger generation, lack of time can give rise to causes of quarrels and misunderstandings, as a result, and routine in your family life.

In order to bring diversity to your relationship, including understanding how to diversify your family sex life, we recommend that you listen to the following recommendations:

  1. Try to intrigue your man sometimes. Be playful and mysterious. Human psychology is such that when you have a permanent partner, you emotionally relax. Do not try to surprise him somehow, etc. Your spouse is sure that he has already achieved you, you will always be with him. But you can make it clear by making a subtle hint that, for example, your work colleague likes you crazy. Let your man perk up again and understand that your attention again needs to be achieved. But know the measure. Do not go too far, bringing the spouse to unthinkable jealousy.
  2. Make him happy, surprise him. You, like no one else, know what your spouse dreams about. Sometimes surprise him with all sorts of surprises, but not gifts. Let your imagination run wild, let the most unusual ideas arise in your head. Let some of them be difficult to implement. Don’t limit your ideas. As long as you do not forget about the dreams of a loved one, you are able to work wonders for him.
  3. It is clear that you do not get the former pleasure from joint affairs. But the situation can be corrected if you look at it from a different angle. If you usually cook dinner together, then discuss some new menu. For example, cook oriental dishes. It would be a crazy idea if you decide to cook dishes from the country where your or your spouse’s ancestry began.
  4. Humor will help diversify family relationships. Thanks to him, family ties can be strengthened. After all, with the help of funny situations that only spouses know about, you can organize an evening of funny memories.
  5. Keep flirting even after the wedding. Take care of yourself to always look desirable for your husband. Always remind yourself of the feelings that you experienced at the beginning of your acquaintance.

How to diversify intimate family life?

Sex plays an important role in developing and maintaining a romantic atmosphere in family life. It will not be superfluous to give recommendations on how to diversify family sex life.

  1. Create small notes for your spouse by slipping them into his pockets, for example. The content of these entries depends on your fantasy and imagination.
  2. How to diversify family sex life

  3. Take fruit to the bedroom. Organize an erotic eating. You can also coat your man’s body with chocolate, jam, etc. Erotically lick it. The variety of your actions depends only on your ability to cast aside your embarrassment and shyness.
  4. Many books and magazine articles have been written about how to diversify family life, sex, according to them, will be different if the situation changes. For lovers of adrenaline rush, it will not be an exception to get closer to your loved one in the hall of a half-empty cinema.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment in the bedroom. Blindfold with a silk scarf, use aroma lotions for erotic massage.
  6. Read the Kama Sutra together. Thus, the two of you will find some new poses for yourself.

Family life can be varied. Bring something new, vivid impressions and sensations. It all depends on your imagination and fantasy.


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