How to divorce your wife

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How to divorce your wife

An action plan for this problem should begin with the question — do you really need it? Someone else’s loaf always seems better and tastier while it is someone else’s. Are you sure that you need this man so much that you are ready to intervene between him and his wife?
Will it be possible to divorce him from his wife?


To begin with, it is unrealistic to divorce a man from his wife, if he himself does not want it. Yes, he can tell you that he lives with her only for the sake of children, does not love her and does not have sex with her, but most likely this is not true. He just tells you what you want to hear. So, first make sure that his bad relationship with his wife is an objective reality. How you will do it, fantasy will tell you. If possible, make friends with one of her friends. A spy in the camp of the enemy is always useful.
Become him first of all not a mistress, but a friend. Talk to him about everything that worries him. Listen carefully and never judge. Don’t throw tantrums, don’t pressure him, don’t force him to get a divorce. Let him know that with you he can always rest his soul — and this is exactly what a man expects from the family rear. If the wife saws, crushes and condemns him, he will very soon feel the difference himself.
When he starts to trust you, he will talk about his family problems. And here, for sure, you will want to properly throw mud at his wife in order to push him to the decision you need. But do it carefully, or better, don’t do it at all, because your loved one may regard it as malice. It’s better to gently mention your strengths and the advantages that he will find with you.
Don’t dwell on it. If a man knows that you have him — the only light in the window, he will not lift a finger to change something. What for? He is satisfied with everything. But if there is a crowd of admirers around who adore you and ask you to marry, this can make him act. This again, if he has a really bad relationship with his wife, and he really loves you.
If you are not afraid, you can try to turn the situation around dramatically: tell him that you are getting married. This should be done after strong friendships have been established between you. If you are really dear to him, he can choose you. But he can stay with his wife, and then you will understand that she is still dearer to him. In any case, try. Even if you fail, it will still be an excellent result — you will stop wasting time on a hopeless man.

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