How to drive a guy crazy?

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How to drive a guy crazy

In fact, there are many ways to drive a guy crazy. All of them can be conditionally divided into two groups: external data and actions. By external data, we mean how you can drive a guy crazy with a look, a smile, a miniskirt. But you can also conquer a guy with your kisses, touches and caresses. All these methods, of course, depend on the mood and character of the guy you are interested in, but there are also such general methods that will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to drive any guy crazy?

  1. Probably the most important female weapon is a smile and eyes. Imagine a sad girl with dull eyes. How can she drive a guy crazy? Most likely not. If a girl really wants to stand out among the rest of the fair sex, then her eyes should always shine! At least the guy should never see longing and indifference in them. The same goes for smiles. If a girl smiles often, then she will be considered a cheerful and pleasant person to talk to, and this is one of the reliable ways to drive your loved one crazy.
  2. The next essential attribute of every girl should be her unique fragrance. You need to choose it not based on the latest fashion trends (although you also need to listen to them), but based on your individuality. When choosing a fragrance, you need to find exactly your smell so that you personally like it, so that it reflects your inner self.
  3. There are also many ways to make you crazy with a kiss. To do this, you should determine the main erogenous zones of your man, and kiss these particular places. You can ask the guy directly what your kisses give him the most pleasure, or you can determine this empirically by simply kissing him everywhere and watching the reaction.
  4. Diversify the intimate side of your life. Use a variety of methods for this. Play different roles, experiment with underwear and toys. Even an elementary change in the usual posture and place can already be considered a variety. And most importantly, let the guy know that you like it too, that you really want him, and are not doing him a favor.
  5. It is believed that a guy can be driven crazy with words. But this skill is not available to every girl. After all, for this you need to have a certain timbre of voice, high erudition, a sense of humor. And all these components are rarely combined in one person. But do not despair, you can always drive your loved one crazy with your compliments and praise. Guys love to be praised and admired, and the task of a girl is to skillfully use it.
  6. How to drive your loved one crazy

  7. Be feminine. That is, try to emphasize what nature has endowed you with. Wear heels and short skirts, accentuate the neckline and waist. And do not be self-critical, the main thing is not how big your breasts are, but how you can present them. After all, you can hide a large and beautiful chest under a grandmother’s old scarf, or you can also file a small one so that the guys salivate.
  8. Do you remember how your mother told you: «The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach»? This truth is still relevant today. With the only amendment that the mere ability to cook deliciously is not enough, but as an addition to other virtues, it must be. Moreover, now it is very easy to learn how to cook well. Supermarkets are full of a wide variety of products, there are many culinary programs on television, and on the Internet there are sites with step-by-step instructions and photographs of amazing gastronomic masterpieces.

Use your full potential, and then you will not have to look for ways to drive a guy crazy. Then the guys themselves will need to look for the key to your heart.


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