How to drive a man crazy?

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How to drive a man crazy

If a few centuries ago fragility was considered the main female trait, then today’s representatives of the fair sex can hardly be called weak. We drive cars, yachts and planes ourselves, earn money by holding leadership positions, play football and gambling. But with all this, almost every one of us secretly dreams of meeting a strong and courageous knight who will protect us from all life’s problems, give flowers and, in general, love to unconsciousness. Therefore, like many years ago, the question “How to drive a man crazy and become the one and only for him?” is still on the agenda.

“It is believed that a woman can be won just by giving her a couple of compliments. And what about the representatives of the stronger sex? Does anyone know a couple of cherished phrases, after which your prince will be ready to run away with you to the ends of the world?

Top 5 phrases that drive men crazy:

  • «I’ve never felt so good before.» Moreover, you can say this phrase not only after rough sex, but also just after a wonderful evening in a cafe or a walk in the park.
  • «You are the most amazing person I have ever met.» After that, try to back up your words with some specific examples so that your interlocutor does not think that you are flattering him.
  • «With you, I’m ready for any madness!». At the same time, it is worth looking meaningfully at your chosen one and smiling mysteriously. However, it is worth saying this only on the condition that you really trust the person and are not averse to making a closer acquaintance with him.
  • «Would you like to visit me for a cup of coffee?» Trite, but in the ranking of ways to drive a man crazy, this phrase is still in the lead. However, it only works if your cultural and entertainment program will have something else besides coffee.
  • «I love you». Classics of the genre. Able to drive you crazy, provided that both of you are in a serious relationship, in any other case, such a manifestation of feelings can scare away.

But all these options are certainly good as an answer to the question: “How to drive a lover crazy?” But what if you have been together with this person for more than a year and know everything about each other, and even more. What is surprising in this case?

“We have been married for eight years. Recently, I began to notice that our relationship with my husband became cooler — tenderness, passion disappeared, everything became somehow ordinary. But at the same time, I know that we love each other. How to drive my husband crazy again and refresh our feelings?

In fact, even after many years of living together, we have something to surprise our soul mate, just for this you need to have the desire to go beyond the usual way of life and want to do something unusual. Here are a couple of ways that many women claim are very effective in such cases.

  • Drive him crazy in bed… Get a set of incredibly bold and erotic lingerie, cook something delicious for dinner, buy a disc with an interesting movie, call your husband at work and … invite him on a date.
  • Make more time for each other. Go to the movies or a nightclub together, take a day off from work, and take a romantic stroll to the nearest park or ice rink.

The main thing is to always remember that relationships are daily painstaking work, so they are unlikely to change for the better justHow to drive a guy crazy by the wave of a magic wand. That is why, instead of buying perfumes that drive men crazy or aphrodisiacs, it is better to take the time to find common topics for conversation and new joint hobbies, and instead of reading books a la “How to drive a man crazy?” try to diversify your family leisure.

Indeed, in response to the question: “Which women are the most crazy?” most male interlocutors answer without hesitation: «The one with whom it is interesting to chat and not boring in bed.» Conclusion: by meeting these simple requirements, you can be a beautiful and inaccessible goddess for your man all your life.


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