How to excite a guy on the phone?

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how to turn a guy on the phone

On the question of how to excite a guy on the phone, the answer has long been found and fit into the framework of the standard conversation scheme for service workers like “sex on the phone”. Consider the main details that allow a man to turn on.

How to excite a guy on the phone?

There are not many basic principles, and you can follow those that best suit your goals. The main thing is to observe the principle of relevance: a languid call is unlikely to please if you call during an important meeting. Therefore, first of all, remember that the most important thing is to choose the right time — when he is alone, not in a hurry, not upset by anything and quite tuned in a playful way.

So, the methods of excitation can be as follows:

  1. Talk about anything, but in a low, chesty voice. It is better, of course, to choose the theme of memories of a previous sexual encounter.
  2. Get excited. He will certainly feel your mood, especially if you invite him promisingly in such a voice. You should not portray passion, few people succeed in this. To achieve the desired mood, during a conversation, you can stroke your body or masturbate.
  3. Describe what you are wearing — of course, it should be stockings and other things that excite the male imagination.
  4. If the task is how to excite a guy from a distance, you can offer him to have sex on the phone. Such a conversation should begin with a description of your charms and desires.
  5. You can report that you stumbled upon an article or book describing an interesting sexual technique. Describe the technique itself, and the man’s imagination will do everything for you.

When thinking about how to excite a guy by texting, you can rely on the same principles — however, in this case, the trick with the voice will not work.

How to excite a guy by correspondence with words?

If you have an exclusively text-based communication format at your disposal, you can start a conversation on onehow to arouse a guy from a distance of the topics that will make a man think about sex:

  • describe yourself in intimate terms;
  • mention erotic films that he likes;
  • start a conversation about what you should try together;
  • remember the best intimate moments of those that were between you;
  • talk about your erotic desires;
  • in conversation, mention your feminine charms (for example, talking about shopping, complain that your chest does not fit into a regular-sized bodice).

The basic principle of how to excite a guy through correspondence is to describe intimate details that will conjure up seductive images in his imagination.


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