How to excite a guy with kisses?

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How to turn a guy on with kisses

A kiss in itself is already an erotic and exciting factor. But we would not be completely frank if we didn’t clarify that not every kiss can excite your man at all. In this case, much depends on the relationship in a couple, on affection and trust, on the sincerity and looseness of partners. But in any case, there is still no such wisdom that a woman could not master. If you have questions regarding this topic, then we will tell you how to excite a guy with kisses.

What kisses turn men and guys on?

There are probably exactly as many answers to this question as there are representatives of the stronger sex themselves. But let’s try to find some universal tips.

Not everyone knows that lips are one of the erogenous zones of a man. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the most popular way to excite a guy with a kiss is just a kiss on the lips. Such a kiss has many varieties, some consider the French kiss to be the most exciting, while others, on the contrary, experience excitement from a light touch of the lips. And which one will appeal to you and your partner, we hope you can decide for yourself.

Exciting kiss technique

It should be said that the kissing technique itself for arousal is not so important, and it is determined based on your subjective preferences. But there are little secrets and female tricks on how to excite a man with a kiss.

  1. Decide which of you will be in the role of «host». If you read about how to excite a guy with kisses, then you probably see yourself in this role today. Therefore, follow this role to the end, and do not transfer your authority to a man as soon as he responds to your kiss. Let your man sometimes be in the role of «follower».
  2. Don’t be monotonous. This means that during the kiss, try to combine different techniques. For example, you can start with light touches (not necessarily on the lips, kiss him, say, behind the ear). Then move on to another erogenous zone of your choice. But even if you are only ready for a kiss on the lips, then here you need to be able to be different. Combine different movements with your tongue, lips, change the rhythm and assertiveness.
  3. Tease. You can passionately kiss a man, let him know that you would not mind continuing, and then pretend that you have urgent business, for example, in the kitchen. Men love to conquer, everyone knows that. And it can also seem like men don’t like being teased. But it all depends on your acting skills and the corresponding mood of the man. Do not be afraid to play with him, but remember that at the end of the game you will still need to give up.
  4. Be seductive. Agree, the effect of kissing the same girl but in different images will be different. It’s one thing if you’re dressed in homemade jeans and a T-shirt, and you smell delicious, but still borscht, and it’s quite another if you’re wearing a mini and sexy corset, but you smell like expensive perfume.

How to excite a man with a kiss, or erogenous zones on a man’s body

How to turn a man on with a kiss

  • that the lips and tongue are the erogenous zone, we have already said. Some men note that they are excited by light kisses covering their entire face: lips, eyes, and forehead;
  • in addition, men like kisses behind the ear, light biting or sucking on the earlobe;
  • a kiss on the neck, especially from behind, gives men no less pleasure than women. Do not forget about this method of arousal. But there is a small nuance here, the skin on the back of the neck is very delicate, and you need to choose the right line between exciting kisses and tickling;
  • if circumstances allow you, and you are alone with a man, then you can safely go down with kisses lower and lower.


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