How to Express Feelings in Words

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How to Express Feelings in Words

To express your the senses, there are not enough words, then there are too many, and none of them seems suitable. The ability to express emotions is as much a skill as writing well or riding a bicycle. And practice, practice and more practice will help here.
How to Express Feelings in Words


Think about exactly what you want to say. Specify your thoughts. To sort through your emotions, talk about them with someone else you trust and who knows you well. Read books, lyrics, correspondence between Mayakovsky and Lily Brik. Poets are able to express in one exact turn the whole complexity of emotional experiences, the nuances of human feelings. Learn from them this art. It is not necessary to memorize Byron’s poems or quote Petrarch. Perhaps you will pick up simpler and more prosaic words, but most importantly — your own.
Remember that it is easier for people to organize their thoughts when they put them on paper. Psychologists advise writing down your the senses in the third person, as if it were a stranger. Approach the activity creatively. Write a short dialogue to try out different options. This technique will allow you to be liberated and throw out all emotions on paper. After such an exercise, you will better understand what exactly you want to say.
If it is easier for you to express in writing the senses, refer to the epistolary genre. But instead of using text messages and social networks, write a real paper letter. Many people miss envelopes, postage stamps, and jagged lines with emotional strikethroughs and marginal drawings. A paper letter will emphasize the personal, intimate nature of the message. If you are not ready to fill a whole sheet with your thoughts and the sensesmi, use a postcard. In this case, even a very concise letter will not seem too small.
Paste colored stickers on the walls, on each of which write the name of one of the feelings that you are experiencing. For example, if it is difficult to find words for an apology, write on the sticky notes: «remorse», «regret», «sadness», «loneliness», «pain», «love». When the person to whom you address such a message finds all the notes, explain each of them. If you want to confess your love, use helium balloons instead of stickers. Then you can give a whole bunch of your feelings.

Useful advice

Write a message on the pavement under the windows of your loved one. This technique, although not new, is still effective. By staying short, you can express a lot.

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