How to fall in love with a boy

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How to fall in love with a boy

Love, especially at a young age, when people are just starting to live and learn from their mistakes, often ends not as well as we would like. Girls, as more emotional creatures, experience a breakup more difficult than boys. And almost every girl once wonders how to stop loving boy.
How to quickly fall out of love with a boy


To fall out of love boy, the first thing to do is to want to stop loving him. Surprisingly, many girls suffer from unhappy love, deep down wanting it. The image of a girl suffering from a broken heart has always been extremely attractive to young people, and many girls do not mind trying themselves in this role. If a girl also wants to see herself with a broken heart, then you can suffer from the heart for a day or two, and then tell yourself «stop.» It must be understood that a sad and oppressed state deprives life of many colors.
Look at the gap with optimism. Do not think that your boy was the best, and you will not meet another like him in your life. Tell yourself that your breakup happened only so that you could meet an even more worthy young man.
Engage yourself in something fun to do. Right now, your brain is busy grinding over the details of your relationship and your breakup. If it is not switched to something else, it can work in this mode for a long time. The brain needs to be distracted from this fascinating topic. Studying usually does not give the desired effect, so you will have to come up with some kind of hobby. A necessary condition is that a hobby should be exciting so that you are drawn to it. Set a goal for yourself — for example, to learn how to play the guitar. Just imagine what a sensation you will make among your classmates when you become a guitarist, or even better, a member of some musical group. Or come up with your own. When you find a goal that truly excites you, make yourself a tight schedule. In a few weeks, you will forget about your ex-boy.
Another important rule — do not discuss your feelings and your ex-boyfriend with girlfriends, otherwise it will be problematic to get him out of your head. Tell your friends that you fell out of love with him, and you don’t want to talk about this topic anymore. By following these simple rules, you will quickly fall out of love with your ex-boyfriend.


If your chosen one sees that you have influence on other people, your opinion is listened to, you are the soul of the company and the ringleader at parties — he will be fascinated by you even more. The logic here is simple: «She is loved and appreciated by so many people — I want to be one of them!»

Useful advice

It’s time to open his eyes! Get a stylish haircut, slightly change the way you dress. BECOME A MYSTERY Boys are attracted to the unknown — not just because they climbed through attics and basements as children. Take advantage of these, create an aura of mystery around you. Hint him, don’t tell him right away that you’re in love — he can get confused. Better hint. smile at him more often, meeting your eyes, do not look away, linger for a few seconds.

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