How to fall in love with a guy

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How to fall in love with a guy

Unrequited love brings girls real suffering. Getting rid of this feeling is very difficult. As a rule, the more you fight this feeling, the more it becomes. Therefore, to fall in love guyyou don’t need to fight with yourself, you just need to follow some rules and do it consciously and patiently.
How to fall in love with a guy
Realize the need to let go of the desire to be together. Free your life from everything that may remind you of your feeling. Destroy or collect the «memories box» (photos, gifts, etc.) and send it somewhere far away so as not to return to the past.
Do not get used to finding pleasure in suffering, memories. Stop yourself from immersing yourself in these feelings. At the slightest impulse of your consciousness to return to experiences, immediately switch to some important problem for today, actively work on its solution.
Think over your new life (change your image, hobbies, environment) and proceed to the implementation of plans. Find a new hobby. Act actively, not giving yourself time to try to «return everything.»

Tip 2: How to quickly fall out of love with a guy

Relationships between lovers can cool for various reasons. Moreover, one of the parties may decide to break up. For example, a girl was disappointed in a guy, it became clear to her that she did not dream of such a life partner, that you would not create a happy family with him. Nevertheless, despite the fact that their relationship began to hurt her, a lot of negative emotions, love still glimmers in her heart. She wants to quickly forget about the guy, fall out of love with him, delete him from her life, but she cannot.
How to fall in love with a guy faster


Under any plausible pretexts, reduce your meetings and contacts to a minimum. And then stop them altogether after a while. Do not take it at home and do not go to him yourself. Avoid visiting places where you are very likely to meet him, even if this means sacrificing trips to your favorite cafes, bars, clubs, etc. It’s worth it.
Of course, it is impossible to live as a recluse, almost under house arrest. And your boyfriend will probably try to resume communication. Politely but firmly let him know that you are not happy with this and that he is wasting his time. Resolutely refuse the offer to meet and explain. There is no need to stoop to ridicule, insults, of course. Speak dryly and very briefly. “I have no time, I have an important matter,” for example. In the end, it will come to the guy that this is not your momentary whim, not a strange whim, but your final decision.
A good and effective technique is to remember all the insults, troubles, misunderstandings that you had because of this guy. Surely he did not behave in the most impeccable manner. While you were truly in love with him, you willingly forgave it, but now it’s time to remember and wind yourself up: they say, “I did so much good for him, I loved him so much, and he … ungrateful!”. Strain your memory, remembering all his shortcomings and sins.
Decisively get rid of everything that reminds you of this person. Of course, it is impossible to “cleanse” the memory, but to remove his gifts, common photographs, souvenirs, etc. from sight. more than real. It may not be worth throwing them in the trash, but hiding them somewhere far away in a closet or in a closet is a must.
Finally, remember that a holy place is never empty. Since this particular representative of the stronger sex did not suit you, try to find a more worthy one who will truly love you. As soon as you feel exactly the same feeling, the old love will be forgotten.


Remember: falling out of love with a guy does not mean forgetting. So don’t waste your energy trying to forget, it’s impossible. But falling out of love is quite real.

Useful advice

Know that true love is not suffering and torment, but the inspiring joy of life and, in case of inseparability, bright memories of a wonderful feeling. In other cases, it is a desire to be close to someone, an unrealized sense of ownership, fear of loneliness, etc.

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