How to fall in love with a man?

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How to fall in love with a man

No matter how independent and cynical we would like to seem, all the same, a naive girl lives in each of us, dreaming of a man on whose strong shoulder you can lean, and of passionate and tender love for life. And therefore the question of how to make a man fall in love with you will probably never lose its relevance.

Tips on how to make a man fall in love with you at the first meeting

It is clear that the most difficult thing will be to fall in love with a man again, since you have already managed to disappoint him with something. In order not to put in extra effort, we do the right thing from the very beginning. So how do you make a man fall in love with you while you’re still keeping your distance?

  1. A man will never be interested in a woman who looks like she has had a big grief. If you are accustomed to walking hunched over, with your head down and an extinct look, then there can be no talk of any seduction at a distance. Therefore, we shoot with our eyes, we walk with a straight back, our heads held high and slightly swaying our hips, gracefully rearranging our legs put on their heels.
  2. When talking, all attention should be given to the man, without being distracted by anything else. A deep voice emanating «from the diaphragm» caresses the male ear, and therefore you should not chatter and speak piercingly. And a good assistant in the matter of seduction is a smile. Smile sincerely and confidently, you know that you are charming, let him feel it too.
  3. Touch also plays an important role in bringing two people closer together. We start with ourselves, adjust the earring in the ear, lightly touch our neck. During the conversation, as if by chance we touch his hand, making it clear that we are interested in him.

And how to fall in love with a man and keep him?

Well, the first meeting was successful, he is fascinated, what to do next? How can you not only fall in love, but also keep a man, what are the ways?

  1. Men are hunters by nature, and therefore you should not immediately say “darling, I am all yours” and “how lucky I am that I met you.” The time for such confessions will come later, while you need to show the man that he is not the only one on your list of candidates. Yes, he was very lucky that, by a lucky chance, your choice stopped on him. Of course, you don’t need to speak like that openly, but you can casually mention that you were invited by a nice employee for dinner. The main thing is not to overdo it, our goal is to warm up the man’s interest a little, and not show him the door.
  2. Modern women often say the phrase: «To be weak is a luxury that I cannot afford.» So be it, but with the man you are interested in, you need to be, first of all, a fragile and tender woman, the one that he wants to protect.
  3. And yet, every man wants to be the master of the situation. Give him such an opportunity, let him feel that his opinion is valued here.

6 signs of a man in love

We figured out the secrets of how to make a man fall in love, but what betrays a man in love? There are many signs of a man in love, but here are 6 of the most obvious.

  1. Sexual attraction. Yes, sex is possible without being in love with a partner, but there is no love without sex. A man in love will always want his chosen one.
  2. He needs communication with you. A man in love seeks not only physical, but also spiritual intimacy with a woman of interest to him. 6 signs of a man in loveHe wants to spend as much time with you as possible, and when he can’t do this, he looks for ways to communicate at a distance (phone, ICQ, Skype, etc.).
  3. A man lets you into his life. Bachelors, accustomed to living as they like, do not easily tolerate the presence of someone else in their lives. Therefore, if you have received access to his personal space, then there is a chance that he is very, very interested in you.
  4. It adapts to your needs. He is ready to change his plans for you, of course, we are not talking about something global, but he will willingly give in to you on trifles.
  5. He tries to take care of you. Guesses a bad mood and tries to cheer up and worries if this fails.
  6. A man in love cannot even think about hurting his chosen one. At the beginning of a relationship, we all get bumps, and involuntary resentment does not count. But a man in love will never intentionally offend you.


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