How to fall in love with yourself over text

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How to fall in love with yourself over text

If you have ever tried to meet a girl on a dating site, then the question arose before you, how to get her attention and, possibly, fall in love with her correspondenceso that the relationship continues beyond the site. According to statistics, 95% of dating site users fail at the stage of correspondence.
How to fall in love with yourself over text


Most importantly — do not rush to confess your love in the second, not to mention the first letter. You will need time to get to know a person well and appreciate his inner qualities, for which you can fall in love with a girl. It is unlikely that she will believe in the seriousness of your words about passionate love only from the photo. The beginning of a conversation is like a first date.
It is not necessary to answer the girl’s letter the very minute after receiving it. Allow yourself to think over the answer for several hours, or even days, so as not to look like a loser starving for female attention in the eyes of the girl.
Don’t complain about life’s problems. Show yourself as an interesting and cheerful interlocutor with whom you can talk on any topic. Make her laugh. This is the surest way to a girl’s heart, but a dirty joke can spoil the impression of you. Show that you can be gallant and charming. Enjoy communication.
Write the truth about your age and career, about the place and living conditions, as well as how you look, so that when you meet, the deceit is not revealed. If you lied about one thing, then you are unlikely to be able to convince the girl of the sincerity of feelings. For simple flirting, there are chats, but for an attempt to build relationships, you need to correctly and competently select topics for conversation that would coincide with her interests.
Depending on how the girl feels about you, the prospect of a date in particular? with you, invite her, but no later than a week after the start of the correspondence.

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