How to find out everything about a woman

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How to find out everything about a woman

O woman can tell her personal things, environment, appearance. What kind of signs you should pay attention to, so that you can judge the nature of the fair sex, we will consider further.
How to find out everything about a woman


The most comprehensive idea of ​​the preferences and characteristics of a woman can be obtained by examining her apartment or house. The color of the wallpaper and furniture, small trinkets will allow you to tell about the hobby of the owner of the room and about her state of mind. So, the red color, presented in abundance at home, indicates an expressive character, leadership qualities and dominant behavior. Hanging photographs throughout the apartment speak of sensitive ladies, romantic, prone to feelings and constantly returning to past experiences. The strict urban order in the apartment hints that in front of you is a woman who does not throw words into the wind and loves order both in work affairs and in her personal life. This woman has long planned a plan of action for the coming months and planned time.
A woman’s wardrobe is as verbose as her home. If there are more saturated colors, bright and diverse things in the wardrobe, then you are visiting a cheerful person who is not averse to experimenting with the choice of toilet and with whom it is easy to find a common language. Purely business clothes in gray shades speak of workaholism, an iron character and business acumen.
Examine the women’s handbag. If there is a creative mess in the bag, then the lady herself has problems with organization. The collected young ladies carry neat handbags or briefcases, in which a place is found for every little thing.
Well, a woman herself, if she is asked just one question, is able to tell a lot about herself. So if you want to know about woman that’s all, invite her to a restaurant, and have a heart-to-heart talk with her over a cup of tea or coffee.

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