How to find out how a person treats you

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How to find out how a person treats you

We all want to know what people think of us. Indeed, in our life there are many people who know how to very skillfully hide their true attitude towards others. How do you know how you feel human?
Opinion of others
You will need
  • The desire to know how a person treats you.


The easiest way to find out how this or that person feels about you is to ask him about it directly. However, you may not always be able to count on a sincere answer. So, in order not to betray his likes or dislikes, a person may well lie to you.
Ask directly
In order to find out how a person treats you, you should ask him for help. Of course, you don’t need to ask for money in loans, but helping to find a book or carrying a heavy thing is just the right option. Agree that a person will not help someone to whom he is indifferent. This means that by agreeing to help you, the person will show his sympathy.
Ask for help
You can ask your friend or girlfriend to talk to the object of interest to you and unobtrusively ask his opinion about you. However, this option is not very good, because a friend may misinterpret what the respondent says about you.
Many social networks have applications that help you find out what a person thinks about their friend. Perhaps you should use them, because in this case there is no point in lying.
Social networks


Remember that an opinion about someone is a purely subjective thing, and if one person does not like something about you, it can lead to indescribable delight for another.

Useful advice

1. Some things are not worth trusting others. Therefore, if you want to know what someone thinks of you, it is better to act on your own.

2. Even if what a person thinks about you does not suit you, do not be upset. Let the attitude towards you and the view from the outside become an incentive for positive changes.

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